New York Times on the "cult of brown noise" aficionados

Green? That’s people, right?

@theophrastus Octarine Noise can be found in the -8 Thaumahertz range. It can lead to thoughts of too many eyes, teeth and tentacles.


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Cult, hell, it’s the most pleasant sonic spectrum. I picks what I likes.

Is compressed random noise really random?

It all sounds like rushing water/waterfalls to me, but I can’t quite figure out what the real world counterparts would be - perhaps falling water heard at different distances or falling varying distances. The brown does seem muffled/more distance/falling with less force, somehow.

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This makes total sense to me, but it didn’t know it was called “brown noise.”

Many years ago I found a “sounds of the tropical rain forest” CD in a bargain bin and bought it, for the hell of it: I found it totally soothing. On a hot dry day in northern CA, where I live, I can put it on, and when I go outside later I’m sorta startled that it’s so…non-rainy that day. It lulls me into being tricked out the actual weather.

I know I must be on some sorta “spectrum,” but hey, whattyagonnadoaboudit?

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It is all watery noise, whether rain, or waterfalls, but less rhythmic than waves.

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