Blacknoise generates irritating ambient sounds

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Link is broken. Points back to BoingBoing.


So I’m guessing Blacknoise produces the sound of a feedback loop?


This happens frequently for me, usually with @frauenfelder posts. In itty-bitty text below it says ‘This is a companion topic…’ Click on that and it brings you to the BoingBoing post.

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Blacknoise link generates irritating link to nowhere.


Just out of curiosity, who started this naming/color-coding different categories of sound?

Analogies to the spectrum of visible light. White noise is all frequencies equally powerful. Red is lower frequencies, blue is higher frequencies.


…while pink noise has each octave having equal energy, and brown noise is not what you expected at all.


Wouldn’t that make black noise the absence of sound, though?


I don’t have any evidence to the contrary, given that the link is broken.

if black light is not merely the absence of light, then black sound would have to be some form of sound energy as well

Well, Brown noise isn’t, it’s technically red noise generated using a Brownian method.

Well, the absence of noise, at least. But if you take a single pure tone, its spectrum would be basically empty (apart from a single sharp line), and it would be pretty irritating.

Link is working for me. Just seems to play some terrible sounds like a baby crying and a car alarm. I will let it play for awhile (muted) to see if it changes over time.

It’s been going for 22 minutes unchanged. I’m not sure why this made the cut to be featured. Maybe I’m missing something.


Thanks for clarifying. The single tone example seems like a cross between a hearing test and an advanced meditation exercise, for some reason.

Ugh. I’m going to mentally refer to this as “Badnoise.”

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Scientology prefers an annoying chord:

Diminished chord.

I was hoping Blacknoise would randomly drift from one sound to the next, sometimes all, sometimes only one. Is the fingernail one supposed to compete with the jackhammer?

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So black noise makes your G&T glow?