New Zealand police raided home of reporter working on Snowden documents. Here's how you can support his defense


Why don’t these things ever happen to Geraldo Rivera?

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Genuine question: does New Zealand have these “basic press freedoms” that you mention?

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Supposedly. But then our millionaire currency trader prime minister would prefer to suck up to his affluent mates and be on the good side of the big rich bully the other side of the Pacific, rather than preserve the basic freedoms of the pointless poor people … :frowning:


I applaud the police raid and it has nothing to do with freedom of speach. Hager relied entirley on stolen emails from a supposedly secret source. Who is “whale dump” (the provider of stolen emails). At least with “whale oil” love or hate the guy you know who you are dealing with.

If I’m not mistaken press freedom isn’t enshrined constitutionally, but they tend to be ranked highly on the Press Freedom Index (ranked number 9 in 2014):

Passing the ‘whale dump’ data to Nicky Hager was as much an act of whistleblowing on surreptitious and underhand use of government power and influence as the Snowden files (albeit of far less global import) — and thus worthy of protection. If there was nothing in it, Key wouldn’t have forced a Minister to take the rap to take the heat off him and the rest of the party.

Anyway, if Prime Minister John Key and the National Party have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear from whistleblowers … :wink:


New Zealand is just a district of the District of Columbia, just ask Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom.

(I guess naming your location Columbia means you can do whatever you want and eliminate anyone who gets in your way.)


Hi, welcome to the BoingBoing forums.

Clearly this story is of interest to you, because you created a forum account for the sole purpose of attacking Mr. Hager.

Perhaps you could share some links to support the accusations you’ve made?


Whale Oil AKA Cameron Slater AKA son of ex-National Party president had no issues with writing stories using data stolen from the NZ Labour Party by Jason Ede, a John Key press secretary.


Why can’t people look at issues objectively and move away from politics. Who cares who Cameron Slater’s parents are. At least I know who I am dealing with. So who is whale dump? Who is this secret person and can they be trusted?

I don’t know the answer but why does everyone here treat their info and Hager’s book as gospel. Has everyone lost the ability to ask questions. It seems that in this forum the political left is is always right and the truth doesn’t matter and just in case you are about to burst a blood vessel I’m not some mad right winger as well. I question everything I read and come to my own conclusion.

I don’t believe whale dump can be trusted just like people who write blogs under an alias.

I think that the name a person chooses themself is more real than one chosen by their parents who didn’t even know them yet.

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Who is that Deep Throat guy and can his Watergate dumps be trusted? Why would he not just reveal his legal identity?


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