Nightmare Pokemon-Alexa spy device for loney young people

Meet Fribo, a robot built for lonely young people

Fribo creates a “virtual living space” between a group of houses

Fribo does this by listening for activity in individuals’ houses and encouraging users to talk via chat apps. Microphones and sensors recognize domestic activities like when someone comes home, turns on a light, vacuums, or opens a fridge. This information is then shared anonymously with the rest of the group. “Oho!” says Fribo. “Your friend opened the front door. Did someone just come home?”

A next-gen IoS device designed to spy on you, and share that information with your friends. Never mind the nightmare fuel look of it; never mind the inevitable security breaches, mis-configured friend-circles, stalkers, state actors or corporate collection of your data; what happens someone keeps their Fribo in their bedroom and it leaks the details to their friends of events that probably should have remained private?

This is the Black Mirror universe!


But it’s sooooo cute!


Yeah, that’s how it lures you.

Just imagine walking through your living space as it tells your friends (and some hacker named Doug) what you’re doing and you’re all alone.

Aside from this being a terrible plan on many levels; is there really a contingent lonely enough to try it, yet still in possession of enough friends to form a ‘group’ for it to operate on?

That seems like a narrow intersection at best.

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“You’re never alone with a rubber duck.”

– Captain of the Golgafrinchan B Ark


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