Nintendo just released a 27-minute video of the soon-to-be released Animal Crossing for Switch

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I’m not starting until they release the R’lyeh exploration expansion.

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Animal Crossing is too cutesy, even for me. Nintendo must cancel this game in order to expedite the Breath of the Wild sequel.

Can’t wait. I’ve spent [embarrassed mumble] hours playing Wild World and then New Leaf on my DS and 3DS systems. Given the ongoing garbage fire that is the state of, oh, everything, it’ll be nice to escape into a calm little haven where the biggest worry is paying off your debt to a loansharking tanuki.

It’s been set private. I think the sound you hear is an intern being fired for uploading with the wrong privacy settings.

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I am down to play with anyone and everyone in the boingboing community who is interested when the game comes out in less than a month.

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