Nintendo Power Glove as animator's tool


I love his enthusiasm, but IMO “the aesthetic” is the only thing the Power Glove has going for it. What I wanted one for are the finger flex sensors, which are wildly inaccurate. But you can get decent results if you gut it and replace everything.

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That’s pretty cool. I like the fact that he is so attached to the Power Glove of his youth. Much of the same functionality could probably be done with one of those ring-mouse devices, but of course it wouldn’t be “so baaad.”

I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.

That’s cool. And stop-motion animation is also always cool - I’m starting to get into it myself at the moment. Just starting with basic lego figurines.

It’s always a Wonderful Thing when someone is just so amazed by something the only way they can express it is with a wide-eyed WOOOOOO-OOOHHH…

It’s an awesome blend of old and new technology to use new technology to do something in an old way.

And it creeps me out just a bit that he seems stop-motion animated himself.

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