Nobody voted in Iowa election including only person running


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See, this is what happens when you fail to energize your base with a good pep-talk in the mirror.


Usually election judges volunteer at their own voting place, at least in small towns. Why didn’t one of them vote?


Someone had to beat Catherine Taylor-Dawson’s (Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket party) record at some point

In the Cardiff North constituency, candidate Catherine Taylor-Dawson, a singer-songwriter, received only one vote, thus setting a new record for the lowest vote for any parliamentary candidate under universal suffrage. The single vote was not cast by Taylor-Dawson, as she was not registered to vote in that constituency.


Apparently some democracies don’t deserve democracy. I’ve half a mind to move to Riceville and declare myself Conqueror Autocrat of the school board.


If you’re too busy to go to the polling place and vote for yourself for an office, I think you’re too busy to hold that office.


I’ll vote for you!


Well, that’s the kind of gung ho spirit we need in our government officials!


Sheesh. Way to undermine my conquest!


Hang on. I have to move to Iowa, and become a citizen. Forget it.


This brings the lazy voter lament to a new level, “I didn’t vote for him” is true for everyone.


How can I lose? My family and friends all said they’d vote for me!


This is like one of those “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?” kind of situations, isn’t it? If you only have one candidate and no one votes for him, does he get the job?


Apparently not. With no votes, he has to hope for an appointment.


Do any of these people answer polls?


Well technically, he came first, right?


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