North Carolina town rejects solar because it'll suck up sunlight and kill the plants


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I have never seen a better argument for birth control…


"Her husband added that solar panels “suck up all the energy from the sun.”


Have you ever felt genuine embarrassment reading about someone else’s actions, even though they are nothing to do with you? Well… that!


“hidden agendas”…heh.

She obviously just doesn’t want them and had to come up with X number of reasons, so she pulled some out of her butt.


I live in semi-rural Somerset, UK, and we have some pretty large (by our standards) solar plants around. Is there someone I can contact at this place to invite them over to look at our local installations and observe how the plants continue to grow?


Yes, but…Yay, morons who don’t live in Texas!

I assume Floridians are similarly relieved.


Yeah I think the mentions of property values are the thing here. They basically trolled the web looking for BS conspiracy theory about solar panels (and probably recruited/put forward the science teacher to give it credibility). Where I live there have been a number of different plans for offshore wind farms since the 90’s. Each one of them have died. Almost entirely from basic NIMBYism. The central problem being a lot of rich people who live here part time (and don’t have a problem with our insanely high electrical rates) can’t stand the idea of their view being “ruined” with some wind mills (the turbines wouldn’t be visible from shore). They stoke up fears about property values going down. And other bullshit like how vibrations from the wind turbines will scare away ALL THE FISH and put fisherman in the poor house. Some of the stuff they’ve come up with his hilarious. But its the save the beautiful views! What about our (insane) property values! Arguments that have killed the projects. The rest is half assed attempts at attracting support from influential local demographics.

In the NC case I’d say their trying to get the alt-med, electromagnetic sensitivity people and farmers on their side.


This strikes me as really very sinister. The argument against solar power is being presented as pro-environment. “We’ll use up all the sunshine! Think of the plants!”

This is not an accident.


Well, great. Another subject for me to avoid when I visit family in North Carolina.


Won’t somebody please consider the lilies?!


It would interesting to spread a rumor that there’s natural gas under this town, and secretly video the same people getting offered lucrative leases for fracking rights.


I generally don’t think that solar farms are the way to go because I don’t think it’s the best way to use the technology. These people are… well, I just don’t know. No one can be that dumb.*
FWIW, I think that cities, utilities, commercial interests, etc… should work together to focus on covering every single roof of every building where we all live and work rather than building large solar installations.
This is where the infrastructure already lies for the transmission and distribution of power. Before someone covers large swaths of land with panels, shouldn’t every Safeway and Costco have them first?

*Famous last words.


I think they’re confusing solar technology with the Deluminator.


You’re dealing, here, with dumbfucks who are adverse to proof and reason.

Also, they might be afraid of falling off the edge of the Earth if the fly far enough east.

“‘England.’ Rigggggghhhht. That place was made up by PBS to set those fancy Downtown shows in.”


you should wear a solar-powered probeller beanie hat


speaking of sources of unilimited solar energy.


I’d be opposed to it too if it were taking the place of a farm or forest, if there were some already-built-on-but-currently-falling-into-disrepair property it could be built on instead. Beautiful views matter, woodlands matter, grasslands matter, wildflowers matter, flying pollenators matter, ecosystems matter. Solar is good, but I’d really rather see new construction take place on areas that have already been denatured.

Also noting the use of the term solar farm as opposed to power plant.or something less green-sounding.

She said she has observed areas near solar panels where the plants are brown and dead because they did not get enough sunlight.

That sounds like a site maintenance person walking around spraying herbicide to keep plants from growing and blocking the sun by natural succession. Or because they’re directly under a panel.



I wish these people would stop breathing all my air.