North Dakota's COVID-19 contact tracing app leaks location data to Foursquare and a Google Ads ID: Report

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I don’t get why people still go on about these apps. They’re useless by design, too many false positives and false negatives. The privacy violations and peer pressure is just the icing on a shit cake.

Iceland has a Covid tracing app with about 40% of the population using it. They found it pretty useless, it didn’t make enough of a difference to be worth the effort.


google , amazon , facebook , and others already have your location data

my firm works heavily in legal compliance. we’re finding our clients are rejecting more privacy-centric contact tracing apps. we made one that was voluntary, tracked no data in real time - only data volunteered, only stores data in device was entered from, only shared data with state actors when the user shares the PEK for the day. A total of 15 buttons was “too many buttons” … lol ugh. 12 departments of health and state all said their populations were too dumb to use it.

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