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It’s a “wiki” now. Hack your own reality.

One question about the simulation hypothesis:

Why would our celestial engineers bother?

ANSWER: We are living in some kind of stupid fanfic.

It’s George Takei vs. Donald Trump for the fate of civilization.


I remember hearing that the white spots in my fingernails were little universes, spinning around unto entropy…

Who’s to say that we’re not spinning around under POTUS Trump’s fingernail?

Or the finger nail of some biped/brained thang somewhere, on someplanet, in someuniverse, in somecutaneous structure?

A poet perhaps,

Scratching on the wall with charcoal…

These are my cells!

These are my scrawls!

This is my fingernail universe.

Clearly, we’re some Minds’ private entertainment. I just hope that it’s one of the nicer ones, and not one from Special Circumstances.

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