Novel plagiarist gender-swapped heroine to create gay romance

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Oglaf: Son of Kronar [NSFW]


“The only scene she didn’t include was the epilogue, which couldn’t be altered to an M/M scene. It involved the heroine in labour and the hero having sympathetic labour pains.”

Where was the spoiler alert?!? Now I’m definitely not reading her romance novel…


I thought pirates were a good thing here now?

I support this cultural remix. Just not with any money.


the plagiarist has admitted mistakes were made.

I love it when lines like this pop up. Nobody knows who made those mistakes or how they were made but, dagnabbit, there they are.


Hey, some people like their romance both ways, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that.


With her writing career I assume heading south, she has a bright future as a police spokesperson.


Maybe she can pull the parody defence.

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There goes my automated novel-writing monetization strategy.


I get it that is a common reaction some people have - “If piracy is ok then why is this bad?”

The common form of Internet Piracy is the sharing and redistribution of copyrighted content. full stop. When profit is involved - or signing your own name to the copyrighted material - that is a different story. As you may know, copyright is a tricky dance - as are the lines between piracy, satire, parody, and fair use.

This is neither parody nor satire but is instead plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” And we could add to the end of that, at least in this case, “for profit.”

So this is bad because it is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own for profit without any credit or compensation to the original creator.

Incidentally, my wife teaches philosophy. There is an online system - I don’t remember the name - that compares papers that her students write to to a huge database of papers, books, etc, and will identify plagiarized content. Some people copy whole huge paragraphs from elsewhere. They get an F, are kicked out of the class, and sometimes are suspended or kicked out of school. There is a lot to be said for ‘coming up with your own ideas’ if you are using them to propel yourself forward in life.


Not plagiarism, but I remember an (apocryphal?) story about someone who wrote a novel and then late on changed his character’s name by doing a find-replace on the name.

Got spotted because at one point someone went to see Michaelangelo’s Kevin.


But is it any good?


I don’t get people who plagiarize novels. They have to go through the book and change enough details that they’re essentially editing it, and I find editing always takes as long as the writing itself. Meanwhile they deprive themselves of the fun part, using their imagination. I love writing. I’d do more of it if I didn’t have to edit it all afterwards. But pro authors have editors to do the drudgery for them. Yet these unimaginative losers forgo the act of creation to commit what has to be the most laborious way of ripping others off. If you’re going to be a thief, move to Wall Street. It’s faster paced and they have copious amounts of cocaine.


In my experience, all piracy is about profit. Even if the only profit is saving $10 by not subscribing to HBO. It’s kind of there in the name, if there’s no value there’s no piracy. “To have this file legally would cost me money/time/effort, I don’t want to pay/disagree with their policies, so I take it”. And on the other side you have diverted distribution so they make money from page views or unlocking faster downloads. Or even just increasing reputation in the community.

Every pirate transaction involves taking someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own for profit. Even if they’re not claiming they made Game of Thrones or Photoshop they are claiming distribution rights by the act of distributing.

Contrary to “a penny saved is a penny earned,” saving money is not the same as profit. A person who can’t or wouldn’t have purchased digital media but who then violates copyright by torrenting it can’t say they profited by the amount of money they couldn’t or wouldn’t have spent.

Copyright violation and plagiarism are two different things, though they may sometimes overlap. Violating copyright by copying something you don’t have permission to copy is not the same as “passing it off as one’s own for profit.” You’re conflating a number of discrete (and legally distinct) concepts and saying “close enough.”


It’s called an “opinion”.

Torrent Becky’s book and it’s “woo hoo, fight the good fight, I’m helping Becky succeed”. Replace Becky’s name and it’s “boo, evil, bad form old chap”.

But in my opinion, they both steal from Becky. At least Harner admits she was unethical.

Oh, god. The first time I read that comic, I didn’t realize that Kronar’s “wife” had a willy.


Is somebody conflating plagiarism and piracy a thing that happens whenever BB does an article about a plagiarist? Have we had this argument several times already?

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And, you know, a viking beard moustache…