NSA: a threat to national security


When the NSA starts tapping the NSA, we’ll be in for some exponential lulz!

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The NSA is the antithesis of liberty and openness in North America and they’re exporting it to the rest of the entire world under the guise of fighting an enemy who we haven’t seen hide nor hair of on this continent in this decade.

Their argument will be: Now ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk. Well do you?

The NSA needs not to be stopped but to be opened up and dragged into the sunlight.

The NSA is a threat to national security in the sense that the United States was envisioned as not just another tribal, ethnic enclave squabbling over lines in the dirt with its neighbors, but as a nation of ideals, and it is those ideals that the NSA directly assaults in its implicit mission of seeking greater and greater control over everything that happens in the world.


The news here isn’t that the NSA are terrorists. It’s that someone put together a cohesive argument as to why.

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Cohesive argument?! I don’t think it gets much more un-American than that!

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That pretense ended when the Cold War did.

The problem with this argument is simply this: It pits surveillance against security. The reason this is a problem is that the prevailing wisdom (if you can call it that) is that surveillance is security. More surveillance means more security. It’s adhered to with the same rigidity as the logic underpinning the war on drugs.

Some things never change:

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.”

                                                                                                                          Nikita Khrushchev
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Boiled down, the NSA is a cancer, sapping the strength of the host from the inside. Sadly, the patient is riddled with cancer of the three-letter variety - NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS. Some of the others are to blame at lesser levels.

Unless we limit the power of National Security, America is doomed. Most of the people may survive, but our nation of constitutional law and limited government will be lost forever.

Unfettered National Security has demanded:

  • The Nation must be able to access any electronic communication.
  • The Nation must be able to access any stored information.
  • The Nation must know where everybody travels.
  • The Nation must know what everybody buys.
  • The Nation must know who we talk to.
  • The Nation must know what we say.

Under the guise of National Security, our Nation claims the powers of a god: Omnipresence & Omniscience, And shockingly we find that the NSA is making a credible attempt to achieve godlike power, one project at a time.

The NSA has demonstrated the ability to access, effect, alter, and destroy almost any information on the planet. Rigging electronic elections is trivial. They can track, divert or stop the flow of goods and services. The banking systems are just another system of information flows. They can track, divert or stop the flow of money. Controlling governments and corporations flows naturally from their already demonstrated acts.

These are not powers that any sane person would grant to a government. In all the history of mankind, every government has turned to tyranny under the temptations of far lesser power.

Or government is already mutating under the temptation of this power. Greed for this power has turned it away from the rule of law and our constitution. The treatment of the whistle-blowers shows it is willing to crush and destroy people to acquire the power. Once government has consolidated the power, what is the chance the end mutation will be beneficent?

It is time to act or run. And the world is too small for running.

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