NSA recruiting ad


Why is everyone hating on the NSA? All they did is sneak into our bedrooms and give us involuntary colonoscopies.


Interesting that the ad is in the Asia Times. Has anyone seen it or similar anywhere else?

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I imagine they are attracting a fair number of nuts, these days.

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Hmmm. I would like some confirmation that the NSA ran this ad, if that is possible. They publicly recruit via banner ads featuring the slogan “Knowing matters” ? Sounds more like viral political commentary to me - that said if they actually run that as a banner ad then bwahahahahaaaa.


That ad doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the brochure they left in the diary on my nightstand.


And by ‘people with disabilities’ they mean sufferers of congenital hypoactive conscience syndrome…


Unfortunately, some of those nuts are probably cut from the Olly North mold, rather than being mostly-harmless crazies who just want to get their clearance so they can learn the truth about the Greys…

But you need to know! Just wait 'til you’re taken man, then you’ll wish you remembered if the shiny side of the foil went towards or away from the head.

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Knowing is half the battle.


"Knowing Matters"

What is it called when you use tax dollars to buy yourself a diversity award in a shitty magazine that no one reads? There’s got to be a clever internet name for that.

The advertisement Cory posted got me thinking… Top Rated? Where?

I ended up looking at the NSA Facebook page and they list some incredibly suspicious awards. This first pile is all using the same web template with a big fat NSA logo in the corner.

Best of the Best – Top Government Employer

In the advertising section they highlight “Government Diversity Branding.”

“By running an ad in this trusted diversity magazine, you can build your nationwide government branding, while also enhancing your government image.”

Being diverse was never so easy!

The second flock of publications from the Facebook page is all under the umbrella of Equal Opportunity Publishing and it appears slightly less shady… maybe. The publishing group does maintain an impressive 232 Twitter followers and their magazines can be found on Amazon.

It seems like they may be less inclined toward hard journalism and probably lean more towards selling advertisements and renting booths at diversity expos.

Top 20 Government Employer

  • Careers & the disABLED
  • Equal Opportunity Magazine
  • Minority Engineer Magazine
  • Woman Engineer Magazine
  • Workforce Diversity Magazine

As for the Baltimore Magazine award, that appears to be the most legit publication of all. Should have been at the top of the list.

Baltimore Magazine – Best Place to Work 2012

Edit edit edit. I edited this a few times right after I posted. I can’t get over how awful it is that they’re spending our tax dollars on the award equivalent of a diploma mill. Awards mill? Is this an Awards mill?


I have no reason to believe this is a hoax ad. Haven’t you seen the CIA ads recruiting for the clandestine service? Their slogan is “to know the truth.”

I have not. Is there any chance you could post it / post a site featuring it please? A search for “CIA to know the truth” doesn’t yield any relevant results for me, even under “to know the truth” exact phrase / must contain all search.

I wouldn’t mind if I could actually get the results of my colonoscopy, but they keep on refusing to release my doctor’s notes telling me its classified and citing “Physician Patient Privilege” (when I’m the fuckin’ patient!)


I guess this is one job that is difficult to outsource?


Oh hey there NSA, I see you’re now marketing yourself to people who have an otherwise difficult time to get a job. That’s so noble of you. I’d have a suggestion to “improve” that ad, how about including other groups as an equal opportunity employer, who’d have otherwise a difficult time to get a job, like undocumented emigrants, the poor (otherwise known as the 50%) and needy, people who’ve served prison sentences and so forth?

My personal favorite is the Disneyesque crypto kids section of the NSA site that was launched way before the Snowden affair.

Hi Kids!

Welcome to the NSA/CSS Kids’ page.

We’re the CryptoKids® and we love cryptology.

What’s cryptology? Cryptology is making and breaking codes. It’s so cool. We make codes so we can send secret messages to our friends. And we try to figure out what other people are writing about by breaking their codes. It’s a lot of fun.
– Copied from that NSA kids landing page.

Holy crap, Wow. And guess what kids?! later on in your fun career you can help sabotage the basic standards of cryptology! Weeee!


Why shouldn’t they advertise? I know people who have worked for them - I almost went to work for them myself 35 years ago - and it is a pretty great job for someone with the right background in math or languages.

The people to get angry at over the NSA’s lack of restraint are our political leaders, who failed to restrain them. That was their job, which they botched miserably.


“Top rated employer”.

By whom? When I see un-cited claims like that, from any company, service or product, I generally assume that they just made it up when creating the ad.

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