NSA review led by intel chief who lied about NSA domestic surveillance




Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Where’s Sam Vimes when you need him?


It should be mentioned that this is the Obama administration’s internal review board. There is an independent executive agency tasked with oversight, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privacy_and_Civil_Liberties_Oversight_Board

While it was created in 2004, Congress confirmed neither GW Bush’s nor Obama’s nominees until August, 2012. But, Congress did not confirm the chair of the committee, so it could not operate. The chair was re-nominated and finally confirmed in May, 2013.


Completely unacceptable. No, never going to accept this every.

He’s a liar and a purjurer. He has no place in government and has no right to clearance. GET RID OF HIM YESTERDAY!




As I was reading the part about objectives in Clapper’s statement I was waiting to see how deep in the Q any mention of protecting liberties and constitutional rights would be - instead - imagine my surprise WHEN THEY’RE NOT EVEN PAID LIP SERVICE OR MENTIONED AT ALL!. Wow. I mean, really. Wow.


That doesn’t actually say that the review board will be headed by him, unless I’m misreading it. Only that he’s announcing it, which is what he probably ought to do, as director of the NSA.


James Clapper is the Director of National Intelligence. Gen. Keith Alexander is the Director of the NSA, as well as head of the US Cyber Command. The law that created the DNI position, which oversees the entire US intelligence community, left the DoD in charge of the NSA.


Great - Obama showed how much he cared by addressing this at the all-important Friday afternoon presser right before he left on vacation, and appointed a well-respected Human Rights advocate and Constitutional Law authority. I’m surprised there isn’t a Mission Accomplished banner being hung somewhere to tout this important recognition of American civil liberties.

Back in the real world, I just donated again the EFF.


We have always been at war with Eastasia.


The whole thing is a quite astonishing ‘fuck you’ isn’t it?


Unfortunately, as we contemplate the liberty-for-security bargain we’re being offered by our government, our human brains are wired to make a terrible miscalculation:
–>“This is Your Brain on Terrorism” http://libertymcg.com/2013/07/23/this-is-your-brain-on-terrorism/


Yeah, no liberty and no security. Awesome.


D’oh. Oh right, I forgot the US created lots of basically completely-overlapping and self-obstructing departments and directors after 9/11.



How stupid do they think we are?


It may not be possible to answer that question with any scale that is based on a finite measurement.


Yes! I noticed the same thing. No mention of our constitutional rights at all, not even a backhanded admission that they exist - just the same vague mumble about keeping the ‘public trust’.

I would ordinarily call it ‘claptrap’, but that term seems inadequate now. Clappercrap?
Something about taking a data dump in the clapper… God, somebody…make…it…stoooppppppppp!


“Other policies?” Would that be something like the Constitution?


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