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His current read is my novel Homeland: "It’s a starkly honest view of what happens in a surveillance state. The main character is the leader of this band of technologically clued-in teenagers fighting the tyrannical security state. People start shadowing him. I can relate to that. I was charged under the Espionage Act and was… READ THE REST

In light of recent revelations, and finally finishing Homeland less than a week ago, I’ve been going through my own homebuilt Xubuntu OS computer, installing and updating every security protocol that I’ve only taken half seriously up until now, along with bolstering the passwords on every online site that I’m involved with.
I’m also considering getting a new cat; this one has seen too much over the years (tabbies, you can’t trust 'em).

Coincidentally, I finished Homeland about 20 minutes ago, read straight through. I remember thinking that Little Brother was a bit overwrought, but the events of the past month have got me thinking that the two books now read like contemporary history.

I live a few blocks from my city’s police academy, and I often see the cadets outside training. It’s looking less and less like they’re training for community policing and more and more for military action and crowd control. I have a lot of respect for the people who are police, but I’m pretty concerned about their orders and who they’re actually tasked to protect. Our mayor is not exactly known for his tolerance of dissent, or even discussion of the city’s policies.

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I truly enjoyed both Little Brother & Homeland. But don’t forget to pick up the short Lawful Interception its short and sweet.

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