NTP: the rebirth of ailing, failing core network infrastructure

https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/digital/oem/sensors-and-boards/gps-18x-oem/prod27594.html + fanless server with serial port and there you go.

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I can tell by your picture that you’re not Doug Humphrey :slight_smile: .

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I actually took a cue from the clever fellows who put financial rounding errors into a secret account.
Except I do it with leap-seconds.
I figure I can get away with about 299* of them before anybody really notices.

*in case you’re not an NTP geek and are wondering WTF is that about - most security protocols will allow up to 5min drift before complaining. So 4:59 is theoretically “safe”. Though in reality the drift goes both ways, so if I were really stealing time I’d be safer staying under 2:30…

Relatedly, don’t have your Windows Domain Controller run on a virtual machine and sync to the (fake) hardware clock. You’ll see very high rates of clock skew, as your base machine syncs with the DC, and the DC syncs back with the base machine.

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You can stop right there without getting into any further details!

My employer (on the advice of consultants, I advised against it) ran the site DCs on VMs at our Boston office for over a year. The results were not optimal. :frowning:

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