The internet's core infrastructure is dangerously unsupported and could crumble (but we can save it!)

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That photo looks like any daily commute in Southern California.


Google and Mozilla, at least, both have projects that are ongoing to help security on core Internet infrastructure and projects. A lot of these are libraries that other projects incorporate, like OpenSSL or NSS. Google has been funding bounty work, as I recall, for many projects, and Mozilla’s SOS fund is paying for security audits for many.


The Escher Expressway?


Here’s a radical thought.
LETS DONT save it.

The only thing to restore civic participation is a return to newspapers, and the dismantling of an information construct that has failed. The internet permits cocooning in one’s own reality, and launching anonymous hatred.

Frankly I am sick of the whole damned thing.

STEP 2 - shoot down all satellites and END this thing called cable. or dish networks. It also permits people to be blissfully disconnected from reality.

When we read the same paper, and watched the same tv, it was a lot easier to come to concensus. This last year has turned me into a neo-luddite who dreams of jettisoning our shred digital nightmare. I mean, we just had our first twitter election for chrissakes!

And i want nothing to do with the next one.
Mail me a postcard.

It hasn’t failed. NEXT.

Then don’t use it, unlike billions of poor people using their phones and the net to connect. No one is forcing you to be online. The irony of complaining about the net on the net though…


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