NYC's 'Food Warriors' head to Rockaway on the A-Train for cheap eats, in series finale

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Very enjoyable - of course if it has to do with noodles, then I’m in. Especially ramen or phở.
Can’t wait to catch up on this series, thank you.

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That’s my old neighbourhood! Or near enough. Far Rockaway was the nearest subway stop. Some of my ancestors had lived in that general area for over three hundred years.

I’ll likely not be back very much. The house I grew up in, along with the establishments of ‘most everyone else, were wiped out in Hurricane Sandy, and prior to that, by demolition for housing projects that never got built, freeways that never got built, “urban renewal” that simply left huge tracts of demolished housing with no redevelopment… It’'s New York’s counterpart to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, but without the press coverage.

Fifty years ago, even as a little kid, I’d have been able to answer their question on the platform with, “sure, what you want? Diner? Italian? Chinese? Irish pub? Steakhouse? Seafood?” and been able to direct them. Now those businesses, the two movie theatres, the two nice department stores, the Italian greengrocer, the fruit stand, the deli, the butcher, a whole row of shops, are all boarded up, and half are burnt.

The Rockaways will always be my place, but my place isn’t there any more.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.


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