NYC's sloppy records gave $59.2M in tax breaks to dead people

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Guess he was wrong…


I find it comforting to know that, if I must die, at least I can get a tax break for it.

But wait – Are there different forms to take that to whichever afterlife you’re headed?
Where do I get a NY-Valhalla tax credit transfer form?
Do you fill out the NY-Sheol transfer form right to left, or left to right? This is so damn confusing…


Is this like the guy who was overpaid $40,000? If you take advantage of the tax credit, is that felony tax fraud? Because I’m willing to bet some New Yorkers knew full well what they were doing.

Dead, too.


We were assessed a too-low property tax one year (it was a carryover from the previous homeowner) I knew they’d come calling for it eventually and I didn’t want to take a cash hit years later. I tried – repeatedly – to get them to fix it and eventually gave up. About four years later, they hit me up for it, demanding interest and penalties. I had kept sufficiently good records I was able to waive those, but it was a big PITA. I understand why folks would give up, even if they knew the problem, as the government is just as bad correcting an error, regardless of the direction.


So he gets a tax break about that.

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