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Aw, bless.






trying to find some context for this, anyone know?



Not really.
Seems to be filmed in Europe.
The red car is an Alfa Romeo 159, left hand drive.
The blue car in the background is possibly a Fiat, elder model Punto.
The VW van is obviously a VW van, so maybe Weisberger is involved…
Seriously though, in the first shot you can see the VW’s number plate, jn the second shot it is missing/obscured.
Vid resolution is too low to read anything. I tried yelling enhance at my computer, but no dice. Both the number plates on the Alfa and the VW are the usual oblong ones, but they don’t seem to be the usual “Euro” plates.
Shape/size and black-type-on-white-background rule out CH, NL, B, RUS and probably F and I.
The thing on the wall is a basketball hoop and board which doesn’t give anything away except that it seems a bit low.
From the walls I get a south european/mediterranean vibe.
No idea what the green box is for.
Someone knows a really skinny guy?



I’m so conflicted about this - I love to see the creatures but am sad that they are removed from their element.



Don’t gamble with wombats, they’re really good at playing Craps.








re Win ME.
They probably have some mission specific software/hardware that can’t upgrade and as stated in the article on a very locked down and air gapped system.

I saw a lot of this at my former place of work but not quite as drastically secured. But you have this very specialized and very very expensive bit of equipment that isn’t even close to the engineered lifetime of the equipment itself but not so much the supporting computer powered hardware and software monitoring and reporting bits.

The vendor has been bought out, gone toes up, etc and there is no equivalent software or hardware out there and any replacement is way more expensive than limping along even counting lost work hours to replace it all. So you limp along and do your best to keep it running and secure and hope it doesn’t break to where you can’t recover.


Hey, I still run a 20 years old Toshiba Satellite with Win 98 to run some legacy engineering software that insists on a hardware dongle on the centronics port.
I need it two or three times a year and it still does the job, so there is no need to spend six big ones on new software.
I run another PC on Win XP to run some legacy CAD software that doesn’t agree with anything past Win 7. I need it every two months or so. Not connected to the internet, so safe. It just works and is less hassle than virtualizing on a new machine.


Cory Bait…

Here Cory, Cory … Heeerree Cory, Cory …