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I suppose props would be available through the usual purveyors1), provided the producers made clear what the props were meant for. IIRC, freedom of the arts comes with some leeway regarding the use of verfassungsfeindliche Symbole.

1) Or the attic of that one great-uncle no one likes to talk about.

Fun fact: when Ribbentrop went to Moscow in August 1939 to sell Stalin a crate of Henkell trocken sign the “German–Soviet Non-aggression Pact”, Soviet protocol had to use all the props Mosfilm was using at the time producing a big anti-fascistic film to give him a proper diplomatic reception.
Given what Ribbentrop was like, thoroughly appropriate.



If it’s real… why the hell would people want to do that! All that sand into all the cracks!

And I wish people would stay the hell off the thousands year old tombs… Stop climbing it people… just stop. And it’s ALWAYS white people.




I mean, seriously… it’s fucking Cairo, outside of the city. SAND!

I wonder if white dreads were involved…


Having ummm fooled around on a beach in the past I will second this. SAND GETS EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!
Seriously peeps just dont.


I joined the “Tulum Club” a while back. There was no trespassing or white dreads and very little sand to speak of. :wink:


Where is that? I don’t know where that is, but it looks gorgeous.


It is beautiful!


You could be there in 3hrs from ATL!!


Not really. The Luxor Temple desecration in 2013 was a Chinese tourist, the Sedona case a couple of years ago was actress Vanessa Hudgens, and monument desecration in India has become such a problem that it is becoming part of the school curriculum. We get a fair bit of vandalism on sites here in Hawaii, and generally don’t know who did it. I think it is just a matter of who has the resources for being a tourist in areas with such sites. (The English during Empire were notorious for it.)


Perfect Holiday gift for the oligarch child:





Open the toybox lid, please, HAL.





Sure, that’s what makes that US story so weird to someone currently living in Germany like me.

And re: purveyors, that’s also exactly my point. A school musical - that would raise some eyebrows. And the amount needed would also.

I think it would be an interesting experience.



Priceless. :rofl:


[ETA: I wonder if this is fake. I recall The Onion making similar jokes with a toy like this, and something about the description of what she bought sounds weird. ]


ROTFLMAO!!! Oh my lord, I can’t breath!!


Aw, I love it when life imitates art…