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Why not both?

Why, indeed.



Oh my. I had to send this to a friend who has in-laws in Acton… talk about not worth the drive…!



Coming soon - free stuff for hackers to play with:




Obviously this one didn’t have any tell-tales.


Odd but, not surprising.


Hypocrisy seems to be baked into the pie in any “celibate” society. My main issue in this particular instance in the attempted concatenation of “gay” with “pedophile.” Absolutely not the same, never were, never will be.


It is a shame that this needs pointing out every time, still, I guess we carry on until the message sticks.



How Catholicism remains a valid religion is beyond me.


Forced celibacy simply doesn’t work. Every other major religion gets this and lets its priests marry but not these guys. Sad.


Surely you’re not suggesting that marriage is a cure for forced celibacy?


There are some, heh, Byzantine exceptions.


Married men have always been ordained in Eastern Catholic churches in Europe and the Middle East. But Rome banned the practice in America in 1929 after Latin-rite bishops complained that Slavic priests with wives and children were scandalizing the Irish faithful. That ban led many Eastern Catholics here to convert to Orthodoxy.

But as of today [1999], when the new law takes effect, “it is possible to ordain a married deacon [to the priesthood], with permission from Rome. The door is not closed,” said Metropolitan Judson Procyk of Pittsburgh, who has championed the traditional Eastern married priesthood. Eastern Catholic churches are under the authority of the pope, but follow the liturgy and many practices of Orthodoxy.



If you read up on the Vatican leaks, one of the interesting tidbits is there seem to be three groups fighting for power: the homosexual lobby, the run of the mill thieves (who are very angry the vatican bank will soon have basic anti money laundering procedures and may or may not know some Legitimate Italian Businessmen), and of course, the pedophiles “conservative wing”



This is what I get for clicking through on your link.

Could have done without that!