Oh, the Doge! Squish-able doll


I just don’t understand ‘Doge’. A quick review at ‘know your meme’ didn’t help either. Does anyone get it? is there anything to ‘get’?

From what I understand it was originally a collage made by a Japanese grade school teacher to introduce English words to her students. The wording had a sort of LOLcats quality to it and for some reason it took off. I wouldn’t try to think any harder about it.


“for some reason”

Very joke! So comment-thread. Many obvious. Wow.


Wrong color, wrong facial expression. Not Doge, just random shibe.

The Doge was the leader of Venice. The quote is from the movie “The Court Jester” starring Danny Kaye. It is a fantastically funny movie, most famous for this scene

The audio of the quote about the Duke and the Doge is here.


Keep hammering away on that meme. The sooner we run it into the ground the better. When is the last time you Rickrolled someone? A few more months and we’ll have made Doge so unfunny that nobody will care. Then, it can rest in peace.

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such cute. much toy. amaze.

When you get it, you will achieve satori. Wow.

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