Old games as standalone apps: no emulator necessary

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/26/old-games-as-one-click-downloa.html

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Oh god. Where is the DOENLOAD ALL NOW LINK?!??


This is a pretty neat idea. I wish they were clearer about which version they are providing. Many games had platform specific quirks if not wholly different versions. For example the DOS version of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is unbeatable because there’s a gap that is impossible to jump.


I loved Populous so much! Loose my lightning bolts!

The one i miss is SimTower.

Ah sim tower… they don’t seem to have it but several other abandonware sites do. I played one about a year ago but I don’t remember where I downloaded it from unfortunately.

i have seen it but i don’t care enough to learn how to work an emulator.

Whooshing sound you hear? That’s the sound of me getting sucked in for weeks.


It didn’t need one - just ran in a window (using windows 10).

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“No emulator necessary” is not quite true. They all require emulators, each game is simply bundled with one.


But… it’s water. And you’re a turtle.


Well it is 1980’s New York City sewer water. I’m not sure if any turtle could survive that, teenage mutant or otherwise.


@beschizza this does not help at all… or maybe it does… probably not good for my free time though.

The news this morning made me cranky (crankier?). This story and link brought an ear-to-ear grin to my still puffy face! There is still good in the world!

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Could have been a hell of a time sink, but one of the games I wanted never got over the “try again, I’m busy” message, and the other one wouldn’t unzip on multiple tries (and multiple downloads).

Saved!, I guess.

Shadow of the Beast (pictured) didn’t have the greatest gameplay, but I’ll never forget the haunting pan flute music and the Hieronymus Bosch aesthetic (before I knew Bosch). It evoked something compellingly hellish and perverse that was totally new to me at the time.

Huh, I wonder about the legality of this. There’s a lot of non-abandonware here - many of these games are available on GOG for actual monies, for example.

GOG’s had it for quite a while…

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I saw it there, but I haven’t made the time to learn about emulators.

I’m sure it’s identical to the version offered here - it’s in an emulator wrapper that you don’t have to fuss with. Hell, the two versions probably come from the same source, ultimately, the only difference being that GOG has better support (and pays the publisher).


No Elevator Action. Bah.

Boo. I’d have to try and run them in WINE. Which, whilst being fairly meta, is likely to be annoying. Has anyone tried yet?