Oldřich Kulhánek, Czech painter


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Your font is missing a letter.

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Those hands remind me of Burne Hogarth’s work.

Cyriak’s inspiration.

He died in January of this year, unfortunately: http://kultura.idnes.cz/zemrel-oldrich-kulhanek-0wg-/vytvarne-umeni.aspx?c=A130128_101755_vytvarne-umeni_ob

I discovered Mr. Kulhánek as an undergrad while taking intaglio courses. Instantly became one of my favorite artists (along with a few other Czech printmakers). Had no idea he died earlier this year. Thanks for posting this, David. Your posts always seem to shine a light where the world could use it.

Love this man’s work. Article here: http://waavedada.com/news/2013/10/14/oldřich-kulhánek-(26-february-1940-–-28-january-2013)/

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