On Alien Worlds - Minimalist Scifi Posters

I hope this is in the right category! I wanted to share my Kickstarter project here (I hope that’s okay!) because I think that people on BoingBoing would really like this! :smiley:
(because who doesn’t like space & art??)

My name is Leonie and I created this project because I’ve always loved all things space & science fiction. When we were working on decorating our home we wanted a wink to that love in it, but everything we found was too on the nose and didn’t fit in with our aesthetic. So I made it! Now I’m trying to make it available for everyone else too :slight_smile:

You can find it here: On Alien Worlds - Minimalist Sci-Fi Posters by Leonie Jonk — Kickstarter

On Alien Worlds is Graphic Wall Art for sci-fi fans that also love that warm interior design aesthetic.

Thanks for reading! <3

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