On her final video, Laina, the "overly attached girlfriend," gets serious about depression and anxiety

All credit to her, that was extremely honest and moving. I had no idea she’d stopped posting, it seems like youtube stars are too easily discarded and forgotten for the next thing so i’m glad she got out.

I genuinely hope she finds the next thing to make her happy and creative.


Oh man, this is completely what I’ve been going through. I can totally relate on soo many levels with her.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. All I do is just sit at home and think about one day I’ll have it figured out, but I’m not doing anything. I’m not doing anything to figure it out.”

“It’s just soo frustrating because I’m finally feeling good. I’m finally motivated and I’m stuck. Where do we go from here? I don’t know.”

It really sucks. And the helplessness just gets worse that older I get. I’m in my 40’s and I had always thought I would have had things figured out long before now. I really hope Laina gets her life back on track and finds the happiness she deserves.


For me CBD is amazingly effective for reducing pain caused by inflammation, but doesn’t directly affect depression and anxiety (because for me these are related to inflammation, it helps, but indirectly).
For mild depression and anxiety I use st. John’s Wort, and it really helps:

It has some weird interactions with other medicines though, so it’s important to read about it before using it.
Personal experiences on Erowid are worth reading too, this one is particularly funny:
One interesting side effect I noticed is that it’s very easy to get skin burns from strong UV light sources (I frequently weld steel using TIG welder).


I had thought of other substances that have also shown good promise, microdosing LSD and a few others though i didn’t want to veer off-topic. That said i hadn’t heard of st. John’s Wort so i’ll read up on it later :slight_smile: thanks for the information.


Sometimes we’re just playing for time.


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