Once there was a show called "The Hat Squad" and it was very, very stupid


WHY they were never shown bareheaded??


I heard that it’s being brought back as a big-budget action movie called “The Dark Trilby”


Atlanta homicide police still has a hat squad:



Lancelot Link can now be found on Hulu.
(The Hat Squad aren’t there. Hulu does have standards.)


Miami Vice called and it wants its typeface back.


Ever see “Space Precinct”? ( kinda had an unintentional 'Fear & Loathing’ish silliness to it…)


“Nestor Serrano”? “Don Michael Paul”?“Billy Warlock”? you mean THE “BILLY” FUCKING “WARLOCK”???


Yes. Son of Dick Warlock.


Funny thing is, this actually isn’t a bad idea, on the face of it. The “crime fighter raises a kid to fight crime with him” trope has been used in comics for decades (see: Batman), and the idea of having them ape the actual so-called ‘hat squads’ of the 30s with distinctive fedoras as their superhero outfits is a pretty stylish notion. On paper, The Hat Squad is no less stupid than a dozen popular comic book series or a great number of high-concept 80s action series.

I mean, really, is this stupider than, say, a crimefighting talking car? A gospel cop show? A hologram crime-fighter?

Clearly The Hat Squad was pretty bad in execution if it only lasted part of a season. But as an idea, it’s not worth getting so angry and wrathful about. But I guess as a gay dude, I don’t have to worry about my ability to reproduce being questioned. I’ve got a decent driving record, though.


Was this the inspiration for that gag on The Simpsons where the TV show “Badge Patrol” morphs into a new improved TV show . . . called “Police Cops”?


The flying nun was about pure genius.

Now there was a show that got cancelled with class - detective fails to disarm nuclear bomb and the city is destroyed, killing everyone. Then it bizarrely came back for a second season.


Let us not stir the waters of the pond in which we drown bad TV shows; there are many dark, unsavory things down there I don’t want stirred up.


The flying nun WAS pure genius. They explained in the first few episodes that her tiny stature and giant wings on the garment gave her the ability to fly. Also her devotion to God, but why bring that up in a comedy?


OMG - I totally remember Sledge Hammer! now that you mention it. I just had to go look that up. I remember it was an over the top caricature of a hard boiled detective.

It looks like the gun from the show was sold recently. That would have been neat to have. Actually, I have one very similar to it, but mine is a S&W 629 Classic - which has a bit more metal under the barrel to make it heavier and a port in the barrel.


Three others that were at least as dumb as “The Hat Squad”:

Cavemen - a TV series based on a characters in a series of car insurance commercials. This was only a few years ago.
Thanks - A sit-com set in Massachusetts, in the 1620’s.
Fish Police - Animated, grown-up oriented show about police who are fish.


I was absolutely positive that I had to scan all the comments for a mention of Manimal before I could chip in with my 2 cents.


The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island. No link necessary.


Hippy Hat Brain Parasite


So the problem is…what? That they’re wearing hats? I’m not clear on how this is dumber than basically any other TV drama of the time.