One-man band plays Star Wars Theme


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Needs more bulb horn.

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Anders Flanderz Ensamsorkester

His website is written on the case there:

It’s not all pop culture covers and Star Wars bait. Check out the lovely song he arranged and produced:

Edit: Ohhhh man. Down the rabbit hole. His performance of Final Countdown is great tooo! Thanks for sharing this David!!


Both are very nice, @patrace, thanks. I was going to say of the Star Wars performance that his ensemble only needed a bi of work to make him look more like a droid.

that Final Countdown is pretty grand. Sad that no one seemed to hit the tip jar on that.

As someone who struggles to wrangle notes out of a guitar, his ability to do the arrangement on this is impressive, let alone the performance.

Wish his website accepted suggestions. Would love to see his take on Careless Whisper.

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Disappointed this isn’t in Portland.

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