Online copyright infringement is up, and water is still wet

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It goes without saying that if you don’t want something copyright infringement’ed, then you don’t put it on the interwebs to begin with, that goes 10 times as much concerning your personal data.


It’s interesting how the latest trend in piracy is the streaming sites. Not because anything changed to make streaming better (been around for a long time now), but because the ease of installation of Kodi addons eliminates the ardor of finding a good site and not getting infected or a million popups.

But the Kodi addon’s aren’t even new. I recall using them back on my original Xbox, which back then they were just python scripts that walked websites and collected the streams for consumption. (And it was called “Xbox Media Center” instead of Kodi)

What makes this the Next Big Thing is that installing and configuring Kodi and a video AddOn has gotten easy enough that it opens up piracy for the complete technological idiots. It’s only slightly more complex than browsing Netflix. And it is massively better and less risky than torrenting.


Having swapped from CoughCoughTuner to Netflix and Virgin, I find it annoying that my legal channels offer an all round worse service than my supposedly “illegal” one did. Okay, there might be less chance of contracting some nasty virus (though that wasn’t an issue), but as far as choice and ease of access goes, CoughCoughTuner had the other two beat. The only real advantage lies in picture quality, and, thanks to Virgin, not always even that.

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Hello Americans,

I know it’s normal for you to have media saturated with gunplay and violence, but for those outside ‘the homeland’ and who also quite like a collection of (mostly) wonderful things, the gif associated with this article - that came up within the main page of the site - is truly sickening.

Showing someone shooting a child - under any circumstances - is truly horrible - to anyone not numbed by countless hours of media gore - let alone an unaware child in the back and showing blood seeping into a keyboard. Jesus.

Seriously Americans. Your gun laws are part of the problem. But this kind of imagery, the normalisation of violence - is the other part of the problem. And is… not… ok.

I am really totally grossed out / a bit stunned right now.


Can you please change this gif?



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It’s actually from an IT Crowd segment, which was a British sitcom.


Sorry, your right to never be offended or upset by anything you see has been completely imaginary your entire life.

I don’t think piracy is beneficial to the content industry, and ideally they should be able to do something about it.
But for “passive content” to be effectively protected always comes down to an excessive restrictions of individual liberties, hence, piracy is here to stay.

For “active content” that’s another story, and i am curious to see how the sector will evolve in the next years.

As @Narwalt noted, this is from a British show… so… there’s that.

It seems we have reached full meta. Again.

Welcome to Boing Boing!

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