Oops! A crane that was lifting a strip mall sign tipped over onto the freeway and crushed a truck


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/25/oops-a-crane-that-was-lifting.html


It pleases me to briefly direct your attention to the subreddit, /r/CatastrophicFailure


The crane operators name was Darwin?



It’s moments like these I wish people could hold the damn camera/phone still.


Cue music!


It must be a sign from above!



There’s a non-zero chance that my father will buy one of those ruined trucks.


I thought for sure he was going to get it the next time, but it turns out it was just the same video looping.



All of that effort, danger and destruction…just so some arseholes can pollute their skyline with their advertising crap.


Sign,sign, everywhere a sign.
Pulling my crane way over the line,
Power’s gonna be out,
Bet I’m gettin’ a fine!


I always shout, “Get the shot!”.


This happens to me every few minutes while playing Astroneer.

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