Oppps.ru: patient zero in Russia's fake news epidemic


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/12/oppps-ru-patient-zero-in-russ.html


So Oppps.ru is something like Brietbart.com?


Not only is fake news necessary to keep people thinking for themselves, it’s also necessary to keep Oppps.ru’s owner rolling in rubles.


Well I hope the US isn’t falling victim to a false information gap.


I would place it somewhere closer to The Onion, but not as funny. I have had a couple of Russian friends tell me this. Add to this the way Russians really don’t believe the news any way according to those same Russian friends, but they may be taking the piss out of me. Caveat lector.


Seconded. I’m not Russian, but I’ve talked to a fair number of them and they take the idea of believing in news as inherently risible.

…honestly, they may be onto something there.


…so we’ll make sure that such a thing never, ever happens!


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