Outfit a game-designer's toolkit for < $20


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What a great idea!

I’d add a ruler and/or a cheap “drafting” kit (compass, protractor) to help with drawing things.

And at least one writing tablet, for notes and rules drafts.


I like this idea, especially as a pre-packaged set; perfect for the 8 year old budding game designer. Even better if it came with a simple guide to the basics of game design.

There’s a shop around the corner from my house called Brooklyn Game Lab where they play games and teach game design to kids (and host adults gaming in the evening). It’s such a great resource for kids in the area, but of course not everyone has that, so a “game design in a box” set would be awesome. Somebody just did a kickstarter for something like that, but in my opinion it wasn’t as well though out (or as inexpensive) as this set.


I don’t think it’s complete without the research library…

A sewing kit’s fabric tape, for checking LOS and distances (or any other flexible measuring tape)

Various sizes of lids for AoE attacks, like force bubbles or explosions. We use Pringles lids a lot.

A stash of coins are useful to drop for random terrain markers (trees, boulders, NPCs). The glass terrarium marbles and pirate coins can do the same, but EVERYONE has a jar of pennies.


I figure that out of:

  1. Knowing the subject.

  2. Knowing what rules approaches other people have tried.

  3. Knowing which rules approaches work together and which don’t.

  4. Having a bunch of pieces to play with…

It’s a lot harder and therefore a lot more important to solve the first and third than the second and fourth.

But 2 and 4 are a decent start for kids.

From the link:

The goal is to inspire someone to make a great new game or take a step further towards a career in games.

Well, I would suggest, more than pieces, for a kid’s toolkit:

  1. A couple highly-rated games on topics which interest them, and

  2. Looking for variants for those games, and

  3. Looking for print-and-play games on topics which interest them.

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