Own a drone? Law enforcement will soon be allowed to shoot it down

Dont you want the law to take down weaponized drones?

As previously said here there’s little chance a cop can easily shoot anything out of the sky.

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I don’t think police should just get to shoot our property out of the sky willy nilly, but man, the noise and violation of privacy of drones bugs me too! I think there must be a middle ground.

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Well, planes are a big target for a turtle, but the turtles struggle with small targets like drones, so obviously they’ll have hit fewer of them.


I’m not so sure this law will hold up to a court test

nor be deprived of life, liberty , or property, without due process of law

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Definitely don’t agree with it, but there is precedent:

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I thought cops could just do what they like anyway. From the news stories I see it sure seems that way.


Good until these bladeless Dyson like drones become real:


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Except that Dyson fans aren’t bladeless.


Nothing ever changes. :frowning:

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There’s a scary phrase when combined with deciding whether or not to shoot something.

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Yes, I fully support law officials to Shoot Down Drones. If you own any flying object and do not have the Intelligence to know where and when to fly the object, it needs to be brought down. I live in California and many many times during large wildfires, the Fire Fighting Aircraft were GROUNDED because Idiots were flying drones over the fires for their own personal reasons. The fires grew in size, often until darkness prohibited aerial fire fighting containment, because drones continued to buzz the fires! >.<

Another point: City and State Law Enforcement are finding that PEDOFILES are using drones to fly and video capture children at parks and schools…to pinpoint who they can victimize. And people with ill-intent are often using drones to “Case” properties to view possible targets for theft. And people with drones are flying over back yards video taping people relaxing or video-taping into windows…peeping inside homes of “reasonable expectation of privacy!”

So yeah, just because you own a drone doesn’t mean you have “carte blanche” for all your activities.


Stupid turtle-dropping eagles…

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Any source for actual incidents of that? When I looked, the claims seems to be coming from the fishrags and Infowars.

eta: It seems like a scary idea at first, but practically, drones aren’t very stealth and a drone-prev is going to attract a lot of attention quickly. If someone wanted a quiet excuse for being in parks scoping out kids, buy a dog.


I wonder about rocket ships and turtles:



One actual case?

No end of scare stories.

(Did it say “Uhny Uftz”? That would be classic.)

Certainly drones shouldn’t be hovering over (<200’) groups of people, especially kids, and pedophiles probably shouldn’t own drones (or cell phones with cameras). The trouble is, heightened paranoia about it can lead to confrontations like this:



Clearly the place to find cases of pervery by those who control drones in the PEDO FILES. Or as we like to call it, the Pee Dossiers.

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Police are quick to shoot dogs that bark, when they break into a suspect’s house. Really depressed that drones are currently legally/( ethically) viewed as more troublesome to shoot.

Excuse me, but those parents need to be arrested IMMEDIATELY.

What the hell are parents watching for as their children do whatever it is that qualifies as “sick footage”. Clearly, in that town, pedophiles are not the problem.

Here’s a tip, if you want to restrict people’s rights to take video or pictures in a public space, where you have no right to privacy, because they MIGHT take a picture of your child, put that child in a hijab.


To other commentators, who think “idiots flying drones over wildfires or disaster areas SHOULD have their drones shot down because they are dangerous to rescuers”: 1. Yes they should. 2. RESCUERS ARE NOT THE POLICE. FIREFIGHTERS ARE NOT THE POLICE. YOU ARE ADDING NOTHING TO THE DISCUSSION.

This is the question: should police have special rights to deprive citizens of their property because that property can be used to uncover abuse of other citizens.

If you go “but pedophiles.” Or “but firefighters” or “but paramedics” or “but coast guard”, your answer is loudly that police need those special rights, so they can go back to the days where they could beat the shit out of, and even murder, people in peace.

City and State Law Enforcement are finding that PEDOFILES are using drones to fly and video capture children at parks and schools…to pinpoint who they can victimize.

Ah, Think Of The Children™ rears it’s head yet again

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