Own a prop Maltese Falcon from the 1941 movie


I remember this was the one that was inadvertently dropped. Wonder which butterfingers did that? Hope it missed everyone’s toes.

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Someone call Adam Savage


In the film Sydney Greenstreet scrapes at one of them with a pen-knife, visibly peeling off some of the lead (it’s mentioned in the dialog that it’s lead). I wonder where that one is.

I watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies (…a lot…), and I guess they have some involvement with the auction. They’ve been running promos for it in-between movies, and last night they played some of the movies featured in the auction (including The Maltese Falcon) and I think displayed and discussed some of the things for sale in the introductions with Robert Osborne. I was busy and didn’t watch last night, though.

Anyway, there’s one promo I saw a few times where the current owner of this Maltese Falcon is shown and says that everything in his massive collection of Maltese Falcon is going in the auction. I guess he’s cashing out big-time.

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It would be remiss to bring up the Maltese Falcon without mentioning the John’s Grill story.


I’m not connected with this website. But “Haunted Studios” sells a replica Maltese Flacon…packed with Chinese Newsprint and a replica of the Captain’s Burlap bag.

I got one for the SO a few years ago and it’s a nice heavy quality peice.

For sure, the scratched one would have so much more character.

Speaking of character, does everyone here know the story about the gunsel and the gooseberry lay? You do now.

Yes, this is the statue that made Adam Savage mad, you have been warned.

The dingus!


If the auction winner could scan it and upload it to Thingiverse, that would be great, thanks.

and it’s on sale! ooooohhhh, i want one of these so badly…

On my 30th birthday I was taken to a murder mystery dinner. For 3 hours deaths occurred and clues were given. At the end we had 15 minutes to write our report of who the murderers were and what was really happening. My Aspie side shone that night when the cast came back to the room after pouring over the answers and claimed that the winner of the night not only had all of the answers correct but gave the most detailed report they’d ever seen in their 10 years.

Yea, I went overboard. There was a chance someone else could have had all of the correct answers too. But I did so that I could win a Maltese Falcon replica. :smiley: My pride & joy.

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So why does the main BoingBoing article’s bit about “Zack writes ‘here’s your chance’” link to the previous BoingBoing article about police searching your car? Are they searching for Maltese Falcons?

If only there was a way to study the film and scratch this one to match and then just lie…

Hm. MY thought would have been to cast one out of some gold-tone alloy (or put a layer of that alloy over whatever the core is made of), and let a scratch show that peeking thru…

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The prop number includes the zip code for Century City. Coincidence?

Anyone making these things out of chocolate yet?

To bad the auction house wont let him come in with a laser scanner and finally get an accurate 3d scan of the bird.

Wonder what it will go for.

I am sure Falcon sells a Chocolate Maltese.

Oh, that would make the perfect bookend on the shelf with the Dashiell Hammett books…

BTW, anyone remember this?

One of the stories was about the theft of the statue.

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