Own a safari gold 240Z that Brie Larson sat in

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TIL that not watching films for a while really takes you out of the loop.




My friend had a copy of my zine on her passenger seat (yes over a decade ago when doing a zine was a little more common) and during SXSW she gave Drew Barrymore a ride downtown and Drew Barrymore sat on my zine and the value did not go up at all.


A friend of mine, in the late 90s, was given a Plymouth Fury or a Dodge Dart by Drew Barrymore and he repaired it and drove it for a few months to a year. It was still a piece of shit and I believe he dumped it for nothing as well.


Of all the “Z” cars, the 240Z is the one I would most likely associate with fun, and I am unsurprised by the already $25k price for a car that I remember used for $2500-3500 in the 1990s.

Kid of partial to the three seaters, myself

It feels like back in College in the 80s EVERYBODY had a Dodge Dart. They were at a sweet spot of age (to be cheap) and reliability (at least with the slant six).


new marketing from nissan, celebrity butt prints!

and now this

He means Datsun.


Maybe if she had farted on it, it would have increased the value. :man_shrugging:

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A little leather cleaner, and it’ll be fine.


(I don’t know why they sell it in such a small bottle. Must be good stuff.)

That is just the aroma of leather cleaner. It isn’t actually leather cleaner

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Ah yes, the Nissan/Datsun Fairlady/240/260/280-Z, car of a thousand names!
From back when the Japanese car industry looked at the British sport cars of the 1960’s and said “these are good, but imagine how good they’d be if they, you know, worked”


The Toyota 2000gt is the cream of the crop. God, that thing is beautiful.

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Then in the 2000s, Lotus looked back at the Japanese cars and said, “huh- you guys are right, that is better. Please sell us your drivetrains and electrical systems plz thx”

…and the winners were car buyers. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Today I learned I’ve been confusing Alison Brie and Brie Larson in my head for quite a while now…and I was picturing both as Gillian Jacobs.

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