Owners of $25 million Laguna Beach mansion ordered to take down sea wall, fined $1 million



And so castles made of sand
fall into the sea

—Jimi Hendrix, 1967


“California’s sensitive and delicate coastline must be defended!”

/it’s sarcasm. Look what they’ve done to it. :persevere:


Be best, you mean.


No, I really don’t.


You’ll note that even in that highly developed area the beach itself is mostly left alone. Messing with public beaches in the name of protecting one’s private property is a big no-no.


“Protecting” the sand is arbitrary at this point since 99.9% of the coast has been paved over. That coast is dead except for humans and their concrete boxes. There’s nothing to see there to be proud of.


“They built a bunch of houses near the beach, therefore nobody should worry if they destroy the beach itself?” OK man. Peace out.


“They paved the coast from one horizon to the other but they’re ever so proud of their strong culture of protecting the environment” more like. :roll_eyes:


Have you ever actually driven up the California Coast? There are highly developed stretches like the one you found a photo of but there are also hundreds of miles of gorgeous pristine natural coastline with little or no development at all.

I don’t see why you feel the need to get so high-and-mighty over the idea of the state telling a rich property owner to take down an illegal seawall that is eroding the very beach that made their property so valuable to begin with.


Man, I’m not here for your negativity. This conversation is OVER.


Top notch.


If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have your pudding.


But… But… But… Following the law might cost ME money. Laws are only for nasty little poors!!!


Thanks. The article didnt mention whether they had permission which was something i was curious about.


I think you’re right. I wasn’t sure how old the satellite view was, and there appeared to be a rubble wall in front of the one I pointed out.


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