Painting on utility box presents an alternate universe


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I like the little stream. Looks like the Bächle in Freiburg.


Now I just have to go to Freiburg when I visit Germany. Those street canals are too cute.


See also Mendoza in Argentina.

i would accidentally step in that thing at least 3 times a day.


She’s an amazing artist — her work is all over San Francisco, if you know where to look. My favorite is the Tenderloin mural:

I tried to take photos of this box on Saturday. I spent ten minutes trying to line up my camera correctly but couldn’t figure it out. I left in frustration. :-\

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I just love the word runnel, personally.

Just love the art work. Waiting for the authorities to re-paint the boxes.

My city (Brisbane, Australia) commissions artists to paint all the traffic signal boxes dotting the entire city. But none of the artwork is as good as this one!

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