Painting reveals interior of Bruegel's Tower of Babel

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I love Borges, but you mean Tower of Babel, right?


Cool, now someone needs to do the same for Bruegel’s other Tower of Babel

And then find the missing third one and do it for that one too.


Thanks. That’s another twenty hours of Minecraft right down the drain.


I’m going to plug Tower of Babylon here, the charming story by Ted Chiang (found in the same anthology as the story on which Arrival was based) that does a pretty cool job of exploring how the logistics of such a tower might work, including some allowance for fantastic physics.


If you like this, check out my planetarium based kinect game where you, as a construction worker building the tower, must ascend for your workday, but avoid the wrathful rays streaming in. This is video filmed from the game running inside a planetarium.


So, it really existed?

Well, there certainly were some big ziggurats in Babylon and the other Mesopotamian cities.


On side of packaging: Planetarium not included.

Very cool by the way.

Another Trump Tower? Like the Wall, this thing was supposedly never finished. Instead, the whole country disintegrated in confusion.

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That is hilarious. And if history is any guide, there will be a max of two games for it.

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The spelling of Bruegel for a name pronunciated Broygal irked me, so I looked it up.
Brueghel, Breugel, Breughel, Brügel, Brügl, Brögel and Briegel are spelling variants Pieter Bruegel himself used, I found out.

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I always figured the myth was based on Babylonian buildings the Judahite captives built.

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In Dutch/Flemish “huis” is pronounced like “house” in English; same vowel letters but used very differently…

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