Pandering to the lizard brain: American media versus objective reality

Are the products of “investor-driven media” the same as what’s published by nakedly partisan media? Nearly all organs of partisan media are thoroughly commodified even if generally understood publicly to represent different politics. But doesn’t the commodification more often shape what can and can’t be reported?

The lizard brain is not the autonomic nervous system. If I misunderstood it that way I’d be tired of hearing it too.


What is the collective noun for strawmen? A field of strawmen?


A Copse of Strawmen?


A bale of strawmen?


Sheaves of Strawpersons?


A camelback of strawpersons?


I hate to break the spell of trying to find a collective noun for sham arguments, but it is objectively not true that “the liberal side is just as bad as the right-wing side…” when it comes to mendacity. Claiming that “both sides do it” is something I mostly hear from conservatives, FWIW.


I’ve been thinking around that topic for some time and the best I’ve come up with is that religion plays a leading role in this sort of “dissociative thinking” (I would call it that as reality & the far right ceased being on a first name basis quite some time ago). Anys, initially religion, specifically Christianity (in the west - & I’m talking about the “true believers” where the bible is literal not parable) for when children are indoctrinated into it they lose the ability for critical thought in that “fact”/“truth” does not need any supporting evidence beyond someone else -typically someone who is “your better”- telling them it is/what is true.

If one were to require all facts be supported it could cause their entire world view to collapse & if “we” continue to condone religion as “healthy” we will remain at the receiving end of a whole heap load of unpleasantness.

Just, ya know, IMO n all…


I’m liberal; my husband is conservative. I am unhappy with the state of reporting on all sides. It’s not about “both sides do it” or “my side is better than your side” - I just want something factual instead of things that are so slanted that I have no confidence in any of it.

As soon as the shooter story hit it was all over my social media how it was definitely a wing nut and it was definitely stirred up by the right wing media. I am totally opposed to all the Planned Parenthood video bullshit that went down, but no one knew what the fuck was happening during that shooting or why and everyone went right into analysis mode facts be damned.

I’m sick of it.


If true, how is that an irony? And that’s a big assumption a) about how many liberals watch Fox, and that b) they do it for “thrills.” I watched a fair amount of Fox after 9/11 to understand what sort of narratives they were pushing and how their audience was thinking about what was going on. It certainly opened my eyes to just how much they were willing to tell outright lies or create whole-cloth fictions to support their agenda (and how the rest of the media was unwilling to call them on it). I felt sick watching it; I certainly didn’t feel any thrills.

But hey, apparently “a lot” of liberals watch Fox News. To be fair, it’s almost impossible to have avoided ever seeing any of it.

Not sure why. If you consistently act like an asshole, you’ll consistently get banned places. (It’s up to you and some self-reflection to say if that’s the reason.) It certainly proves nothing about your intellectual integrity, however.


Dualist pap!

We’re soul/body/mind as a unit. Your body is as much a part of everything you do as your mind. In fact, you can’t have your “mind” without the input of your body, as we’re discovering.


Yet strangely I read articles and media covering, in detail, what Fox News and similar outlets are saying and doing. Just because folks don’t minute by minute watch Fox News doesn’t mean we don’t hear what’s being done there, see snippets and extracts from it, or read analysis of it.


I think you may have missed my point…

Possibly but then I get annoyed by “soul” speak because it leads to dualism and the denial of the world for some “other” (be it “heaven” or the “mind”).

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Thanks for removing all doubt…

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Look at this post here to the effect of “boing boing is always ranting about…”

Citation needed.


Funny H A H A H A H A H A !

Thank… you? Hey while I have you:

I know I definitely did. What’s with the picture?


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