Fox News cuts away from Kayleigh McEnany mid-lie about Trump election fraud

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How did it take them this many years to figure things out? I rewatched Michelle Wolf’s WH Correspondent’s dinner set the other day and had to remind myself that it was done at a time when using the word “racist” out loud to refer to Trump would get you horrified gasps. People were still reinforcing the notion that he needed the benefit of the doubt. Where they were finding that doubt I will never know.


Trump has said he wants to start a rival conservative tv outlet.

Fox knows which side it’s bread is buttered on. They’ll start undermining him now.


Good. I hope he does. Why? Divide and conquer. If Fox’s viewership can be calved off into a Trump faction and they fight each other… all the better for everyone else. Fox has been monolithic for too long.


Who knew it was that easy to cut away from Drumpf’s lies?

Oh, the corporate MSM (not just Faux News) knew. But, like Facebook and Twitter, they’re lowest-common-denominator businesses that just didn’t want to lose their advertising feedstock. They also enjoyed the sensationalism Biff offered. They all couched it in terms like “objectivity” and “fairness” and “respect for the office”, but it was clear to anyone who understands the business why they tolerated, reported on, and spread his lies and BS. If there’s ever an accounting for these last four years, the top executives at these companies deserve some time in the dock.

Makes sense for that attention-whore’s next act. I can see him trying to merge with OAN and then re-brand it with his name. If that happens and it hits Murdoch on the bottom line of the balance sheet, so much the better.


If he does, we gotta start a bankruptcy pool. I call six weeks!


That’s… actually pretty on-brand for him.

He’ll start something, slap his name on it, and market the crap out of it.

And I wouldn’t care, except that it will create a huge echo/bubble chamber. His base will be watching that (instead of Fox), and ranting about the libs on Parler (instead of Twitter) and MeWe (instead of Facebook).

Which is fine, but they’ll never be exposed to anyone that thinks any differently, and extreme positions will be even more normalized than they are now.


This. Fox must realize that they are going to lose the far-right/Trumpist portion of their audience, so they need to pivot to something a bit more moderate.


It was disturbing how quickly all the never-Trumpers in congress and the conservative media fell in line behind Trump in the early months of his presidency. Now it’s morbidly fascinating watching the rats flee the sinking ship.

As others have said, it does seem inevitable that Trump ends up as some alt-right media personality, preaching to his conspiracy flock over on OAN or InfoWars. Maybe he’ll even consolidate them into a QEmpire.

Remember the Tea Party and how nutty they seemed? Quaint, now.


Yeah. And I remember how they vanished overnight when Trump was elected.

Prediction: They’re going to come back in the next couple of months.


from PRISON? that’s quite a bold vision.


Over 70 million of my neighbors fled TOWARDS that ship. It’s not even listing at this point.
Last I heard a total of 4 Republican senators are accepting Biden’s win. That’s a total of four out of 50. They’re sticking with the fuck to the bitter end
My sense is that Fat Donny’s base will stick.


Oh I didn’t say the Trumpkin base was going anywhere. That much is clear. I’m just talking about the media, Congress, etc that were all against him, then all for him, now quickly falling away again.

America is 47% white supremacists. That has now been firmly established.


Orange is the new chief executive - breakthrough reality teevee programming!


Koch Bro and friends were parking them until needed. They brought them out again for the anti-lockdown protests.


I think that’s 4 republicans. I’m pretty sure all of the democrats and independents accepted Biden’s win. (so something like 4+45+2)

Not that this isn’t horrible.


Now that they no longer give a crap about “access”, the news agencies are far more reluctant to take Trump at face value or hear him out. It figures they only “grew a spine” when there were virtually no consequences for doing so.


Fox is about to become what they will call RINO TV


Trump’s tweets are heavy on “citing” Breitbart these days.


No way it can be as good as Ear Hustle, which I highly recommend if you’ve never listed to it.