Watch: new ad on Fox features lifelong Republicans from Oklahoma who won't be voting for Trump

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If there’s anything I learned from living in Oklahoma for 2 years- it’s 2 things.

#1 expect to be shot at if you go down the wrong driveways. This came as advice from countless natives.

#2 outside Tulsa, almost everyone is conservative AF.

So, with #2- this ad is a hell of a weapon!


I’m starting to worry about [current occupant of the White House]'s inevitable pull-down-the-temple-around-him action when he figures out he’s not going to get re-elected. Along the lines of abuser’s trope #17: “if I can’t be the boss of X, no one can!”


Just remember…this message is not for anyone who is a liberal/blue voter or already voting for Biden for any one of a number of reasons.

This message is for hard core right wing voters who are susceptible to being swayed.


That’s true, I think he’s going to be like the person who deliberately tears up the interior of a car just before the collection agency tows it away. .


My message to people in this video:

Why the heck didn’t you see this coming? You caused this. It was obvious to anyone with a basic sense of literacy and an access to non-partisan news media that this was going to happen.

Thanks for switching sides. I appreciate it. Now we’re in for a few decades of repair to our international allies, environmental protections, immigration reform, and legislating to make sure the executive branch doesn’t turn into a dictatorship.


You just hit on the two core issues. I’m not belittling their intellect, but rather their sense of media literacy and ability to actually look at opposing views with open eyes and heart. There’s a reason that people self-describe as “conservative” in opposition to “progressive”; they want to stifle progress. Progress is uncomfortable and messy; status quo is comfortable for those who enjoy the benefits. Of course, this always comes at the expense of others, so instead of thoughtfully receiving a basic statement of fact like Black Lives Matter, it has to be twisted and manipulated into a meaning so at odds with its intent as to be absurd to them just to maintain their comfortable complacency.


From what I can gather, they probably did see at least some of this coming. They were poisoned by Fox however into fervently believing that Hillary was actively evil and a murderer (those Benghazi chants really took hold), which to their minds was worse than Trump. They seem to have learned better this time around.


Nancy basically just said as much; hoping to avoid a national crisis for four years so her selfish aims could be met. Fuck you, Nancy.

We shall see, I suppose. There will be no lesson learned, however.


This is great news. At this point, the only ones left voting for don trump will be his MAGA cult members, and there really aren’t enough of them to make much of a difference at this late stage in the game.

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We’ll see…


This tweet never gets old:


Honestly, the most likely scenario I’ve heard is that he’ll bail for Florida and tweet “fake election!” and “fake voters!” for a couple of months while calling for a “do over.” His sycophants will eat it up, claiming that redoing the election is the only way to prove who really won. Somehow, Hillary Clinton will be responsible for his “fake loss,” and we’ll hear one nutty conspiracy theory after another about it.

When Biden takes office, Trump will continue to tweet about his loss, but from the perspective of an exiled president running a shadow government that doesn’t exist. He’ll have “investigators” working on uncovering the vast conspiracy, but we’ll never actually see the results of their “investigation” (because it won’t be real). Dinesh Desousa will make another horrible documentary, and Trump’s cult followers will tout it as the greatest film to ever grace the internet with its presence. Hollywood, however, will not call. Poor Dinesh.

Several months will pass. The New York attorney general will announce charges for various crimes committed in that state by Clan Trump. “Witch hunt!” will be the most tweeted phrase coming from the cult. The former president will fight with his lawyers as they try to argue in court that he’s not competent to stand trial due to diminished capacity, and they’ll point to one instance after another, while he was in office, to make their case to the judge. Photos of Trump in his bath robe will circulate, no doubt leaked by his own attorneys. More and more people who “had his back” will have bailed by this point, leaving him increasingly alone and isolated. His family only clings to him for the chance at his estate when he dies.

The trial will drag on for years, with one motion after another delaying the process. Every now and then you’ll hear something about it and think, “Is he still a thing?”

EDIT: that’s not mine other than noting that the Trump sycophants in politics and business will have jumped ship. A reddit user posted it and I thought it sounded plausible.


Where the F were you 3 years ago?


Telling people that BunkerBaby was just “Telling it like it is”?



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They hope to “get things turned back around to where they were” (paraphrasing). I’m not sure that’s even possible.

There’s no more “the way things were.” There’s just “the way things are.”

Biden will not fix what Trump has done, he will add to it. That said, he’s Trump-lite and I’ll vote for his problematic ass if I have to. But I won’t like it. I’d rather be voting for someone in their mid-50s with progressive ideas that will work toward a better future that they expect to be living in for awhile, not 70+ year-olds who have calcified and just want a comfortable ride to the grave.

They want to take their party back from Trump and his kind? I would like to take the Democratic party back from the wealthy DINOs and special interest sycophants. I don’t expect either to be possible at this time.

It depends on what is counted and who makes the final decision. Trump lost the popular vote, and here we are. They’ve had four more years to work at rigging the system. I expect we will see the fruits of those labors in November. That said, I’ll still be trying to vote and hoping for the best. But in spite of my vote and hopes in 2016, we got Trump.


Trump isn’t the disease, he’s a symptom of the disease.

Get rid of Trump and the GOP is still the know-nothing party of dog-whistle-racism, law-of-the-jungle economics, broad conspiracy theories, malicious trolling and nationalistic war-mongering.

Trump just harnessed the Frankenstein monster the vast conservative propaganda machine had been building for years. The monster is still here.


Yet the symptoms can be fatal if not treated aggressively enough.

Sometimes you need to get the fever down to keep the patient alive long enough to rid the body of the virus.


Everybody was surprised when ⊥rump was elected in 2016.

Nobody should be surprised when he is re-elected in 2020.