Watch: New 'Republicans for Law' ad shows GOP voters who no longer support Trump

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Great ! They’re only three years too late…dense MFers…


Agreed. But we also need to handle these people with care and respect or we will just turn away others who are like minded.

And think about how voting works… most of us are party aligned which means we get to vote for one person or nobody.


That’s nice of them but turning on Trump isn’t enough. Republicans in Congress have enabled him and will continue to do so as long as people keep voting for them.


Hey. I remember these guys. Last year:

And the year before:


Wow, and it only took thousands of deaths to do it!

(I fully expect the people in the ad to be ‘outed’ by some conservative investigative blogger as fake Republicans, registered Democrats, “crisis actors” etc-- they will look through years of social media history and find one instance where “Amy” once said she though gay marriage was “not a big deal” or “Paul” thought the EPA was an important government agency, and that will be proof enough for the true believers.)


Who knew there were still principled Republicans left willing to speak truth to power? Gives me a small ray of hope for the future.


They’re only “principled” after voting for trump and supporting him for the better part of 3 years.

I suspect their newfound cajones are very fragile.


I am happy to give people the respect they deserve simply because they are human. But to turn a blind eye to everything this asshole has done for 3 years puts them in the “I don’t give a f^&* what you think” category. The damage has already been done.


if it helps getting Cheetolini out of office then the enemy of my enemy is my friend…


It sounded like they were all reading from the same script, which was of course written for the times.
Maybe they personally have multiple reasons?

I’m a Bernie guy and am often reminded that I am personally the reason we have Trump :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, as my friends and family find that is a good enough reason to vent misdirected anger at me. So maybe I’m more sensitive to that feeling of doing what is right in your mind and getting shit on for it.


No I’m sorry. I know this is a time for solidarity and whatever but I absolutely cannot share a tear with these horrible idiots. They had a chance to not support Trump four years ago when we were screaming warnings about what he was. Are they going to come clean and admit we were right? Are they also going to condemn the likes of McConnell or Cotton or Nunes or etc.? Are they going to apologize for the very real crimes they helped perpetrate? No, these people are monsters and I’m not in any way wrong for saying it. Anyone not saying it is the problem.


HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. That’s finally clear? Well, great. I feel like that was crystal clear before he even ran for office, but then I never had him helping to fill my pockets so I could lie to myself about what a shit person he is.

Glad some of the GOP finally have had enough of his bullshit now that he’s openly helping to destroy the country and kill hundreds of thousands of people through his utter incompetence, greed, and narcissism. But what about all of his enablers in the party? The ones who help feed the beast? Are these people tired of them yet? Nah. They just want someone more competently evil in charge.

Woo hoo. Party at their place.

Um. I hate to disagree, but he’s not the source of the problem, he’s a symptom. He’s the sweats you get when you’re stricken with cancer. Him being gone will just open it up for the next GOP slimeball. What we need is for anyone who supported him, and anyone who still supports him, and anyone who thinks like him, to gtfo of politics and stay out. It won’t happen, but that’s what we need. Anyone who puts themselves and greed above everyone else. Gone.


They should be calling their trumper reps instead and demanding that they put a stop this insanity and kick the bastard out of office.

Oh, and fuck these people. Only dead white people move their needle? WTF

Just days ago most of those idiots probably thought COVID-19 was a trump golf course.



Maybe I’m just more pragmatic than most. I see the immediate need to stem the bleeding by getting the fat cancer out of office first to keep him from wreaking any more havoc than he already has.

Every day he remains President is a clear and present danger to our country and society. If it takes walking alongside some (temporarily) enlightened Republicans to do so then so be it. It’s all hands on deck in my opinion.

Only then can we start to cure the disease that he and his cult represent.


I know a number of people who call themselves lifelong Republican who can’t stand Trump and are truly worried about the direction he’s going. They admit they made a mistake voting for him as they just didn’t think he’d be this bad.

Chances are these people will never switch and become Democrats but they sure as hell aren’t going to vote for Trump a second time around. We actually need these people to go to the polls and vote against him because if they decide to just sit this round out then it gives Trump a higher chance at reelection.


It’s the tiny voter constituency of Republicans who don’t like Trump that the Biden campaign is going to tailor its message for.


Way too little, way too late.


Expect to see more of these in the near future.

From everybody.


I remember all the anti-Trump repubs from back in the day, and I have the unfortunate advantage of hindsight.

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