Republicans will never certify a Democratic win ever again

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And here I thought I would avoid an existential crisis today. Oh well!


This is why Trump needs to be discredited, destroyed, jailed, disgraced.

The essay details the logical endgame of Trumpism. The way we walk that back is to give the GOP reason (or cover) to do so.


He’s a symptom, not the cause. The complete rejection of actual democracy in place working the refs and playing rules mechanic was clearly in in the works by 2005 if not much, much sooner.


And here I thought I would avoid an existential crisis today. Oh well!

These days I’m just existential crisis. It’s a mood.


This was the whole goal of Trumpism was it not?

Which is why I think that even though “He’s a symptom, not the cause” he still needs to be made an example of and the whole of Trumpism needs to be not just rejected but thoroughly routed.



I do agree with that of course. But as nobody has been as successful as Trump at advancing those goals, destroying him and his legacy is the most direct way to reject what we now are calling Trumpism.


Necessary, but not sufficient.


Now that’s a good question for those who study political science. What happens when a big slice of the electorate and their representatives decide to abandon reality (and acceptable manners) altogether?

(waiting for them to become a numerically insignificant minority works in the long term, but won’t avoid the damage they are causing now and will cause in the short and medium term).


Only if they don’t in the meantime render “majority” irrelevant. Either by restacking the deck big time or (not to be ruled out with fascists) by genocide.


That’s what it comes down to. The Republicans know that the demographics are against them and they aren’t willing to adjust to the new realities of a majority-minority country where the majority of voters don’t feel entitled to the benefits of the post-war economic anomaly. The GOP hasn’t been hiding the fact that cheating and extremism and obstructionism are the only ways they can retain power in the duopoly system.


This is why I hate it when progressives react with glee when they see the likes of Romney and Liz Cheney ripped to shreds by their own party.

It’s not that I consider them political allies; I don’t. It’s that they represent a rapidly diminishing pool of political adversaries who have even the cursory respect for the rule of law our society depends on for its survival. Once they’re all gone, the only ones who remain will be the ones trying to burn it all down.


At the federal level, there needs to be a law against “Felony disenfranchisement” with some serious teeth.

Once it reaches a level of “thrwart the vote without compelling evidence and face 10+ years in a federal penitentiary, or sign off and certify the results” the collective bipartisan legislative wisdom will increase.

EDIT: Felons convicted from above are denied the ability to serve there sentences in Maine, Vermont, and District of Columbia (where felons are permitted to vote while incarcerated.)


Back during the 2000 election, a lot ofrepublicans were proposing to let the “state legislatures” decide. My impression of state legislatures was rather caustic then, and the intervening years have not improved things.


they already have the power to do that, and choose not to use it

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The GOP is now the party of white supremacists and billionaire donors.

It’s been that for decades. Since Reagan at least, but really since Nixon’s “Southern strategy.” But now the Trump party has lost any shame about it. These days they have discovered that their base of aggrieved white people just don’t care for democracy if it means relinquishing any power. They are busy driving out those left that do more than lip service to democracy and the will of the people. Now they have become the party of “By any means necessary.”


What they are now, that seems new, is the party of anti-democratic apartheid. They were willing to pretend to be in favor of democracy for just as long as it looked like the country would be demographically dominated by white Christians for the foreseeable future.


Given the writing is on the wall about the republican intentions the Dems should be making moves to solidify democracy - ending the filibuster, and adding justices to the supreme court. Pass the laws that end the election restrictions and gerrymandering.

Or we are heading for a civil war.


"If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism, they will abandon democracy.” – David Frum