An Arizona Senator's trumpgrets


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This guy sounds like he has a brain, a modicum of integrity, and something resembling a conscience.

Are we sure he’s a Republican :grey_question:


Gee, it turns out that Lawful Evil types don’t get along well with Chaotic Neutral. Hoocodanode?




Well good for him. I can agree with him on this point anyway.

The ignorant age of Palin might be starting to wane.


Music better on the ears for sure but, wake me when he adds: “Fourth, let’s impeach the bastard!”


Or when he stops voting to repeal Obamacare.


For what little it’s worth, the Trump train is still chugging along on the conservative subreddits about this. Flake was a #nevertrumper, they say, and besides, the senators have no right to criticize Trump since they’re the ones who have lied for 7 years and won’t repeal and replace — never mind that Flake voted the party line on all three votes last week.


Trump Twitterrhea in 3…2…1…


He’s up for re-election next year. He’s saying words to provide the veneer of distance between himself and an increasingly unpopular anchor around his party’s neck, but he’ll continue to vote with said party. It strikes me that he’s learned a thing or two from the senior Arizona senator over the last 5-ish years.


Trump is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil - he acts entirely in self-interest and by his gut feel with no regards to any system or logic. Calling him Chaotic Neutral is part of a systematic nromalization of Chaotic Stupid behavior with tables across the US, resulting in player versus player behavior and DMs everywhere making their town guards toothless hypocrites.


Yeah, good observation. This guy is more along the lines of lawful evil. He is promoting an evil agenda, just wants to do it through his source of power: the Senate.


Forget it buddy, it was the Republican base that got Trump nominated in the first place, and “the Republican base” is now a bunch of angry goons who are proud of their ignorance and convinced of insane and wildly improbable conspiracy theories. The plain fact is: any political debate now isn’t about policy, it’s about the nature of reality.

You can’t save the GOP, but you might be able to save the old-fashioned conservatism you’re fond of, and the only way to do that is get all the moderate Republicans to break with the party and form a third party.


Bring back the Whig party!


Lol’ing and SMH’ing @ “Chaotic Stupid”




Well it’s really about the imperfection of the analogy of mapping “Traditional Republican” to evil, which is approximate at best, and incendiary at worst. I was trying to make the point that Trump is about CHAOS and not hewing to traditional Republican orthodoxy.


I’d say he’s a low-int Neutral Evil. Going full Chaotic (for a PC) to me means more of an explicit “fuck the system” stance; a deliberate dedication to breaking the rules as end in itself. 45 might follow the law, or break it, it doesn’t matter to him. The only constant that seems to matter is “what’s in it for me?” If he’s fucking the system, it’s through cronyism, incompetence, or temporary alignment with Lawful Evil types who have a different idea about what the law ought to be.

As for his other character details: he’s a Bard. His bardic performance is to simply never stop talking. Int as low as you can go and still be able to speak, miserable Wis, average Str, Dex, Con. Dump all remaining points into Cha.

He will continue blathering until he has ceased to amuse the invisible, flying 20th lvl Wizards. Can’t wait for him to roll a 1 on his save when they decide to teleport him to the plane of dumb-asses.