Trump officially nominated as Republican presidential candidate


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Oh, thank goodness! We are saved!!! If you can’t count on an intemperate meglomanical billionaire on his 3d imported trophy wife to have your back, who can you trust?


On the logarithmic scale from ‘contentment’ to ‘mental freak-out generating entirely new expletives like a particle collider of anxieties’ I would say this registers somewhat higher than ‘meh’.

Something like this:

Crawling On The Ceiling

…Actually I’ll let you all take it from here. I love crowd-sourcing this kind of thing.


Me in 2012: Do you think that the GOP will finally take this as a wake-up call and pull out of their racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, fascist, ignorant, fiscally ruinous nosedive?

Me in 2016: Believe me when I tell you that you do not want to know the answer to that question. pats 2012 Me’s head


Just the “Captain Obvious” announcement itself; not the fact of his candidacy.

That still mortifies me to no end.


I adore you mutants, but sometimes you really over-think memes and gifs.


Makes me embarrassed to be a white guy.


I loved (no, I didn’t) reading all the opinions post-election 2012 that said the same thing, most of them using the same phrase: ‘soul-searching’. ‘No doubt, the Republicans will now do some soul-searching’ or ‘Only after some soul-searching can Republicans right the course of their party and reclaim the ears of today’s America’ blah blah blah.

Not once have I ever read since then the opinion headline: ‘Republican soul-search turns up empty’.


Makes me embarrassed to be a eukaryote.


It makes me embarrassed to be part of the same species.


Or within the kingdom of Life.

Red Giant 2016!


Makes me embarrassed to be part of the simulation I’m now about 51% confident the programmers of which are toying with us like I do my cat with my laser pen.


I have a kid to finish raising, man; that ain’t gonna work for me.


Giant escape vessel for Mutants and future Mutants 2017!

Looks are sorry state of wrench collection.

Sigh…Clinton 2016 :sob:


I’ve always found this “real American” business very reminiscent of the Soviets. In the USSR you had “the People” which excluded most people. In America we have “real Americans” which excludes most Americans.


Wait, this is REAL? I thought it was some new reality show. Oh wait…




You have witnessed history. A new party is here. The Libertarian Party.

It’s going to take the place of the GOP, and the GOP will wither and become marginalized.


Nope. Jr is as delusional as dad. New Yorkers hate him. To know him is to hate him.

Currently Clinton by 18 points.