George H.W. Bush to "vote for Hillary Clinton"


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Trump campaign chief: it's not lying if he didn't know whether it was true or not when he said it

Republicans jumping ship keeps getting reported as if it signifies power hitters of the republican party coming to their senses, but isn’t it more likely evidence of how far to the right Clinton is…? At the very least confirming how much dog-and-pony-and-pork-barrel the “stark” differences between the parties has been?


I can’t wait for Trump’s sarcastic tweeted response!


41th? Forty Oneth? Forty First! 41st!


“Much respect for Bush Sr. but not his decision.”

Wait, that’s still too civil. Lemme try again.

“We have plenty of new blood in this party to make America great again.”

Hmm. Too flowing.

Bleh. I’m terrible at this. @Modusoperandi: we need your wit, STAT!


He was never a Real Republican anyway. One time he said he wouldn’t raise taxes and then he did! You’ll never see Donald Trump lie like that! Or about everything else!*

  • Trump 2016!



Nooo. It will have to make references to little baby Jeb running for help from his mommy and daddy. Something intelligent like that.



The so-called “power hitters” are the part of the 1%. Their jumping ship and votes mean little. It’s the rest of the crazed, whiskey bottle shooting, sister kissing, cross burning, tin foil hat wearing, reality TV watching, Budweiser drinking flat Earth retards I am worried about.


That’s a Zen quote right there.


Curious what tipped the scales in favor of HRC for Bush. It wasn’t the race-baiting? Or maybe the hypocritical demands that HRC release even more information while millionaire trump still hasn’t released his own taxes?


If they’re drinking Bud, where do they get the whiskey bottles to shoot? :beers:


From their white trash sex offender uncles of course!


Is it the wind that is flapping the flags? Or is it the flapping of your minds?


It fits his narrative. I saw someone post a meme that said none of the living presidents support Trump. That’s perfect for what he is selling.

“Of course they don’t support me. I’m an outsider. I’m not going to keep doing things the way they were always done. I am going to shake things up. You want to know why nothing gets done in Washington it is because they are all in bed with each other.”


I don’t think it’s so much Clinton is far right, as that the Democrats now stand where the Republicans used to before Reagan. Bloom County is an excellent cultural artifact for tracking this. Trump isn’t actually conservative – more reactionary/populist.

I could totally see the Republican party splitting over this.



That actually HW? The quote strikes me more as a Quayle or GWB.


Yeah split into two indeed:

1.) Party of Overt Racist Assholes. Party mascot: A burning cross

2.) Party of Covert Racist Assholes. Party mascot: The dog whistle


If Drumpf wins, there will be no more need for the dog whistle.