Jeb Bush sold patronage and favors to his top political donors



Has he announced anything on a Presidential campaign yet? Im not American, but sweet Jabber you lads have some awful dynasties.


This sounds like good advertising to me. Potential national level donors can read this and know that he stayed bought.


I’d be rather surprised if Clinton’s were so open about it. But that’s my thought on it. The Clinton’s are, in my mind, a bit more smarter than the Bush’s.

I’d be much more inclined to apply this to Jeb!'s father and brother doing the same thing while they were in office. Which really doesn’t seem to speak much for the uprightness of politicians. Of any party.

Dumb old Jeb everyone knows you mark those e-mails as personal.


But it’s an important part of the narrative. Both Sides Do It Equally, so there’s No Point in Voting.



I wonder if that ellipsis is in the original email. That’s a hell of an implied statement if so.

Note the title progression as the story travels to more leftward audiences:

AP: Jeb Bush’s Emails Detail Communications With Top Donors
HuffPost: Jeb Bush Emails Detail Relationships With Top Donors
AlterNet: Jeb Bush Email Trove Reveals Predictable Trail of Access and Favors For Top Donors
BoingBoing: Jeb Bush sold patronage and favors to his top political donors


And then there’s the Fox News coverage…

Or I guess, lack of coverage at all:
_[munged],max (URL munged on purpose)

returns 15 articles about Hillary and none about Jeb’s open patronage system.

ETA: Nothing on the front page for Fox Nation, either. (But another 7 mentions of Hillary…seems like someone’s a bit obsessed.)


Naturally. This is why, like Karl Rove, she uses her own email system instead of the State Department’s system.

Not sure about your narrative, but mine is “Both Sides Do it Equally, so stop perpetuating that system.” If we know both sides are terrible, why don’t we stand up a new side that’s great? And then we vote for it.


Never vote for major party candidates.


I though Ralph Nader’s candidacy splitting the left-side vote exposed the bigger problem that statement.


My money is on Stannis Baratheon and his runningmate, Melisandre.


There are only two sides. We have always been at war with GOP. If you hold a contrary opinion, feel free to discuss it with your local Thought Police desk staff.


As long as a Republican is doing business, ethically or not, he or she is not doing anything wrong. Business trumps all things, so you can’t smear Jeb for being corrupt. If anything, he will increase his value with this type of reporting.


D or R for the last 100 years or more excepting G7, enemy, and exile post nations ambassadors have been appointed as a payoff for contributions. I am surprised more people do not realize and invest in campaign contributions and junkets, the payoff is almost always better than 1:1 when properly negotiated, especially if you do like the too-big-to-fail banks and investment houses and buy both candidates. The other big payoff is pre-negotiating campaign cash for corrupted contracts deals for your own business.
How shitty it must feel having a PhD or two in fields like polisci or econ but the #1 in county who calls the shots is some wealthy dumbass who bough his wife a four year well paid vacation hosting embassy parties and all.
As for Jeb, who is he,? A W clone?
G.H.W. Bush was from the old school of liberalish Repubs, IMHO sometimes to the left of socialized-healthcare Nixon.


They are all “major parties”.

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This could be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “Least Surprising Revelation.”

Jeb Bush arranged the pardon and residency in the US for Orlando Bosch with his dad. Bosch was responsible for bombings from South America to Florida to Canada, and even a car bomb in Washington DC. His “greatest hit” was bombing an airliner out of the sky, killing 73 people.

As Salon put it:

Indicted by the feds, Recarey fled the country — but not before Jeb placed a call on his behalf to his presidential dad’s health and human services secretary, Margaret Heckler. For serving as the flunky of a crook, he received a generous tip of $75,000 from Recarey, a mob associate. He performed a similar service, with more success, on behalf of the Cuban militant Orlando Bosch, for whom he sought a presidential pardon from his father. The boastful murderer of dozens of innocent people — and a prosecution target of the U.S. Justice Department — Bosch deserved a pardon about as much as the worst jihadi in Gitmo. But his sponsors were the same Cuban-Americans in Miami who had fostered Jeb’s real estate business there, so he ignored the Republican attorney general’s denunciation of Bosch as an “unreformed terrorist.”

What WOULDN’T this guy do for a Klondike Bar?

The good news is that if America goes full Honey Boo Boo and elects Jeb, the War on Terror would be over. Granted, it would be awkward for the CIA to switch back from torturing terror suspects to hiring them again. Perhaps they can rectally feed them chocolate and brandy first.


Unfortunately, I didn’t plan my life around having the financial means to make my opinion count.

I rather suspect that means I’m not one of the right sort of people…


What problem, that change happens in one election? It’s the mentality that voting is the same as betting on the Super Bowl and that your team. must. win. or you’ve wasted your vote that the major parties depend on. Just identify with one side of a coin and have your drunken arguments in between episodes of Ellen and coast through life.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are looking out for you.