Watch this chilling anti-Trump ad, set to run on Fox

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I have a feeling this bad will have the exact opposite intent among his fans


I’m pretty sure this isn’t anti-Trump to his base.

This is no different than he’s been all along. They love it.


Another effective and well-crafted anti-Biff ad from a neoCon/moneyCon group. It’s a shame that the establishment Dems are too wrapped up in “taking the high road” and “compromise and comity” like it’s 1992 to produce similarly chilling ads that might rouse their own voting base to action.


MAGA folks are saying “Oh hell yeah! Praise trump!”

How about sending a film crew to Orban’s Budapest showing Americans where this is going if you don’t get out and f’ng vote like your life depends on it.

Chilling? What’s chilling is that SoB isn’t in jail nor is any of his inner circle of traitors.



Reality check: They don’t care. In their minds those cops were traitors.

Everyone is a traitor except themselves.


What does this video accomplish that flashing headlines didn’t when his blathering about pardons first hit the streets?


i don’t know good sir. the lincoln project ran some of what to my eye were some of the most cutting and devastating anti-trump ads of the 2020 season but carefully run studies show that they shifted fewer votes than those bog-standard “biden is a normal compassionate human being” ads did.

unfortunately, it almost seems like what we find chilling the death-cult base take as inspiring.


Wait till the next election and the GOP begins to go on and on about how fucked up Biden handled Afghanistan. It will make Benghazi seem like a garden party. Read the recent Atlantic article. Right or wrong the GOP will make hay with it.


At this point I wouldn’t be pulling any punches. Make direct comparisons between the 6 January 2021 insurrectionists and the participants in the 1923 putsch and point out the price everyone paid because the latter were coddled and pardoned. However, that approach would be too “uncivil” for the delicate sensibilities of the DNC, which favours the always effective combination of compromise with fascists and the occasional sternly worded letter.

Speaking of which, as a side note there was a recent big-budget film that attempted to revise history’s judgment of Neville Chamberlain (played by Jeremy Irons). Fortunately, actual historians stepped in quickly to point out that, whatever his nobler motives, he was still a hapless appeaser of a bullying fascist. Perhaps the Dems didn’t read those reviews.

ETA: case in point:

She probably would have asked Jesse Owens not to compete in 1936 too.

If The Lincoln Project and these GOP Accountability people manage to get their preferred candidate (some Romney type) as the nominee I guarantee you that they’ll turn their very same guns on Biden before you can even blink.


what will be worse, by far, will be if the death-cult takes a majority in the house and senate, scrap all the 1/6 investigations and start an investigation into the afghanistan withdrawal that makes beghazi look like a garden party.

edited to add that this is why it is vitally important to get out there and work to elect more democrats at every level. join your county democratic party, work the phones, help with in-person polling, and give money to your local party, state party, and national party. i’ve given every dollar i can spare to every level of the democratic party i can because in 2022 our democracy is on the line and everyone who tells you this is “no big deal” is either lying to you or is a fool.


But maybe that’s not the target audience? Maybe this is aimed at the people who are not hard core Trumpers, were on the fence about Trump, and still watch fox, so are not getting all the information about what’s being uncovered? But they are still uncomfortable with Trump generally speaking, because they’ve not completely left the realm of reality like his base?

The GOP says it’s the party of law and order, so pushing home that message that Trump is willing to subvert that for his own personal gain might be a good strategy internally for those wishing to purge and save the party. Whether that will work, I don’t know. It might be too late for that.


The scary thing here is that yours is the hopeful perspective. That clearly portraying his antidemocratic, self serving, and lawbreaking MO will move the needle on the guy among a conservative-but-uncomfortable-with-trump set of Fox news watchers (to the extent they exist), tempered with a realistic understanding that it may be spitting into the wind.

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It maybe, but there is little doubt that there are Republicans who are not on board with all this. Just because the news media likes to ignore that and pretend it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean we should.


Shortly after I read this, I saw in the NYT feed (those commie liberal fake newsies!) that the RNC have censured Cheney and Kinzinger and declared Jan 6th “legitimate political discourse.” Who are the Lincoln Project fooling, if not themselves, in believing their ads will change minds? And how much do you want to bet that if the Great Orange Satan does establish his autocracy, the Lincolneers will flock to his side to make obeisance?


If the audience is those “who are not hard core Trumpers, were on the fence about Trump, and still watch fox, so are not getting all the information about what’s being uncovered?” then perhaps.

But is there a person on the planet who is still undecided about Trump? It’s kinda like Davis Cross’ Beginning To Regret His Vote For Tump sketch… “I’m was ok with the blatant racism, the crass sexism, the deranged narcism,… but this was just too far”

The only thing that will get Trump supports to walk away from Trump is to show how he has betrayed them, mocks them, and belittles them. Pardons are exactly what they want. They love the idea of “the Purge” where all crime, including murder, becomes decriminalized. Give them a person who will allow four years to kill or otherwise remove all the “others” who are messing up “their” America and they would be ecstatic.


But wasn’t It an Antifa/BLM joint false flag operation?


I think it is.

Depends… /s


I assume the difference is that an illiterate person can’t parse a headline.