The Lincoln Project's new video has just one goal -- to freak out Trump

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Chilling. They certainly made sure and got that extra-juicy ASMR mouth-sound feel spot on. shivers in disgust


They’re out to get you, Donald. Fire them all!


Let’s be clear, though: while accepting the help of The Lincoln Project to end the current madness makes sense, if we allow even one of these rock-ribbed GOP assholes into a Biden Administration we will see not only zero progress on a suite of issues helping Americans, we will likely backslide and give up whatever modest gains we had made previously.

Which is why I expect Biden to appoint a dozen of them in his first week.


Dear Lincoln Project, we LOVE you!!! Sincerely, EVERYONE!! This is the BEST one yet, please keep 'em coming.


After November 3, the goal may shift from making Trump a 1 term president to making Biden a one term president. For now, backing Biden is the most reasonable path to defeating Cult 45.


It’s only for an audience of one – Trump himself. Meant to goad, it’s sure to exacerbate his already spiraling affliction with delusions and paranoia.

Meh, who knows what whoever runs the Lincoln Project really means to do with this ad. It’s effective Anti-Trump agitprop, and that’s what counts.


Fire them all. Whisperingemo


Now for anyone who had a sense of humour this would be laughable. However.


The whispering parts sound a lot like a Golden Palominos track.

But waaaaay less sexy.


Yes, we have to remember that American conservatives do nothing out of altruism. Eventually they expect some return on investment or a withdrawal from the old favour bank. Status Quo Joe still probably doesn’t understand that, so even as we root for him as presumptive nominee to oust Biff we have to hold his feet to the fire.


Your point re: the LP is well taken and we should remember that these are not folks who likely agree with much if any of what progressive people would like to see implemented as policy, but… they get lumped in the same category as Stalin on June 23, 1941. The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but it’s good to have help.

As usual, Churchill was able to put the sentiment into better words than me: “If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”


At this point, I think we just want to apply the brakes before we drive the country off the cliff. I can’t even begin to think of progress until we “right the cart”, so to speak.

I think the upcoming event that will have the most far reaching implications is who will replace RBG. Who do we want to nominate that replacement?


A nice little Stalinist Trumpist purge might be interesting.


it isn’t paranoia if it’s true


As someone who remembers the Clarence Thomas hearings, I sure as fuck don’t want Biden anywhere near the selection process. Hopefully he’ll be lost in reverie over a pudding cup while the staff does the vetting.


A wonderful goal by less than wonderful people.

But if it’s everyone, why is he still there? When will his Julius Caesar moment be, and who will he be shocked to see holding a knife? “Et tu, Barron?”

Mmm. No. The Lincoln Project is that one lover who says all the right things, but refuses to kiss you or say “I love you” back. Eventually you realize they aren’t good for you. Hopefully before you have kids.


While there are certainly some folks who may see it this way, I think there’s a more fundamental motive here. Some people actually believe in actually conservative ideas and think that the Republican party, while not perfect (as the Democratic party is not perfect), is the best way to advance those ideas.

To people with that view, getting rid of Trump–and being seen as vocal Trump opponents–is a highly self-interested position. Trump has done enormous damage not just to the country but to the party he nominally heads and claims to represent, and the Lincoln Project is one way that actual conservatives can seek to redirect control of the party back toward themselves and away from Trump and Trumpists. It may or may not be successful, but it’s almost certainly a necessary step if the people behind the group want to be seen as legitimate standard-bearers for whatever remnant of the party remains after Trump. They’re gambling (I hope rightly) that Trump will look worse and worse as more information comes out about his attempt to govern by bad faith and corruption, and about his actual numerous crimes, after he’s removed from office, and there will be more and more pressure on those who remained silent during this ugly period of our history to explain why they didn’t speak out. In that calculation, a few years of President Biden is a small price to pay for the survival of a non-insane version of the Republican party.


Pretty genius. Too bad they aren’t funded well enough to get this running on Fox News.

Which, I have no doubt they would for the right price.